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I think everyone will have this kind of distress in life, after taking a bath, stepping on the whole room is water, so it is easy to stain the floor, so many people will put a water-absorbing carpet at the door of the bathroom, so that can effectively stop water stains, at present this way is also very practical, and many families when choosing carpets, will also choose their favorite kind, so not only practical but also comparable It’s beautiful. Next, let’s talk about how to buy a bathroom carpet.


The accurate way to buy bathroom carpet

Pay attention to materials


When buying bathroom carpet, you should pay special attention to the material. There are many types of carpets on the market, and only if the material is selected correctly can it be safer to use, and which material is more suitable for use in the bathroom, such as chemical fiber carpet, hemp carpet, wool carpet in the market? Generally speaking, some materials that are not easy to dry are inappropriate. After all, bathrooms often have water, and the carpet is damp for a long time can breed bacteria, so some materials with high water absorption are relatively more practical.

The safety of manufacturers

First of all, you need to buy a bathroom carpet properly, and also understand the manufacturer’s situation, such as the manufacturer’s popularity and reputation in the market, etc. After all, bathroom carpets need to be placed indoors. If the safety is not high enough, the material used may not be particularly environmentally friendly, and staying indoors for a long time can easily lead to some The volatilization of toxic substances affects the body of the family. The quality of the product can only be guaranteed if the safety is relatively high.

The appearance of the bathroom carpet

Checking the appearance is one thing we do when buying goods, after all, no one wants their products to be flawed, so consumers when buying bathroom carpets are the same, can check whether the appearance of the carpet is clean, whether the corners have stains or color differences, so that when laying, can ensure the integrity of the carpet, not lose its original aesthetic effect, and also make the decoration appear It’s even more distinctive.


Essential attributes of bathroom rugs


Kitchen Non Slip Mat- brown

Generally, after we take a bath, there will be a lot of water in the bathroom. In this case, the floor is also slippery, and if you don’t pay attention, it may slip. The main function of buying a bathroom carpet is to avoid this, so non-slip should be an essential attribute of bathroom carpets, only After the anti-slip effect, after laying, it is possible to ensure close contact with the ground and avoid slipping.

Water absorbency

If the carpet has good water absorption, after walking out of the bathroom, there will be no water stains on the feet, so as to avoid getting water stains everywhere in the house after taking a bath, and also guarantees the cleanliness of the room. Therefore, water absorption is also very important for bathroom carpets, and water stains can be better avoided.


Durability I think everyone pays attention to this point, after all, no one wants to spend their own money to buy carpets, used for a while to lose their original effect, and want the goods to be durable, first of all, you need to pay attention to the quality, only good quality, fine workmanship and reliable materials used, durability will increase, so be sure to choose the products of big manufacturers to buy, generally the products of large manufacturers are quality guaranteed.


What kind of carpet is suitable for a square bathroom

Choose according to the decoration style

Putting a carpet at the door of the bathroom is already a common thing, but what kind of carpet to choose, makes a lot of headaches, after all, if the style you choose is not good, it will affect the decoration style, so in order to make the carpet look less obtrusive, when buying, you can choose according to the decoration style, so that not only can ensure the practicality of the carpet, but also play a decorative effect.

Pay attention to the performance of bathroom carpet

Water absorption and durability are things to do when buying a bathroom carpet, and it is also a performance that needs to be paid attention to. Only the carpet meets these two items, and when using it, it can be more satisfying. If the carpet is not absorbent well, then it will not be able to absorb the water stains on the feet in time, which will cause the water to get dirty Cleaning the house is also quite troublesome, and when the carpet is highly functional, it can also be used with greater peace of mind.

The size of the size

Due to the different decoration of the house and the type of apartment, the bathroom door size may also vary, so when choosing, you should also pay attention to the size of the bathroom carpet. Currently, there are quite a few bathroom carpet sizes on the market, so you can choose the size according to the size to ensure the right fit. If there is no suitable size, many merchants It also supports customization, which can meet everyone’s needs for size.


All in all, if you want to buy a bathroom flooring suede carpet, you need to pay attention to the above, especially the material. Only environmentally friendly materials have high safety, and you can rest assured when using it.



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