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Join the ranks of yoga enthusiasts., It is essential to pick a good yoga mat. Thousands of years ago, when Indians started practicing yoga, there was no mat. But today’s yoga practitioners can’t do without this mat.

Because the yoga mat is made of professional materials, it can prevent the spine, ankle, hip bone, knee joint, and other parts of the bumps. It has a particular anti-slip property, so it can also prevent sports injuries as falls. In the face of a wide variety of yoga mats on the market, how to buy them? Yoga mat supplier teaches you how to choose the right yoga mat for you.


1 According To The “Thickness Need” To Choose


Regarding the thickness of the yoga mat, yoga mat supplier suggests that beginners can use thicker, such as a 6 mm thick yoga mat, to prevent sports injuries. After some foundation and experience, it is possible to switch to a yoga mat with a thickness of 3.5 mm to 5 mm. Of course, if you are terrified of “pain,” you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat to practice.


2 Choose According To The Type Of Yoga You Study


If you practice yoga with soft training, often encounter the movement of sitting on the mat, then a thicker, softer yoga mat will make you more comfortable.

But if you are practicing Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, such as the beating type of yoga, you need a thin and hard mat, which is too soft but less convenient to do movements.

If your movements are not as static, and you don’t sweat as much as running, what kind of mat is it in between? The suggestion of yoga mat supplier “still choose a little thinner.”

The thick mat (5 mm or more) loses contact with the ground, and there is a feeling of “distortion” when you do a lot of movement.

The vast majority of yoga practitioners love to use thin mats, which is the reason.

If you feel that the thin mat is doing some kneeling movement, you can pad a towel under the knee.


yoga mat
yoga mat


3 Yoga Mats Of Various Materials And Prices



The lowest grade yoga mat material is EVA material. Although EVA belongs to rigid foam, most used in the manufacture of soles, the smell is heavier, such as the thick bottom of the muffin shoes used that material.

EVA yoga mat has poor elasticity and an anti-slip effect, but it is not without sales in the market because of its low price.



The ordinary yoga mat is PVC foam material. PVC foam yoga mat is currently the most common yoga mat material.

PVC chemical name is PVC, is commonly used to manufacture luggage, wire, and other daily necessities. PVC material has no particular chemical smell, even if there is also a smell similar to rubber.

PVC foam yoga mat has good elasticity, is also very non-slip, tiled on the ground, is very comfortable, the price is moderate, so it is very marketable. 80% of yoga mats are now made of PVC foam.



The high-grade yoga mat is TPE material. TPE material is an environmentally friendly material, recyclable, reusable, reduces pollution.

The Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat made of TPE mainly has the characteristics of good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, good toughness, and muscular tension. However, its material prices are high and are favored primarily by high consumer groups.

Even if you are a yoga beginner, it is better not to use EVA low-grade yoga mats.

If you want to get down to earth practicing yoga, buy PVC foam material, good elasticity, and non-slip. The price is very moderate, and there is a yoga bag, also easy to carry.

The yoga mat size is mainly 61cmx173cm, the thickness is mainly 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, and so on.

6 mm is the standard thickness, more suitable for beginners. The TPE mat can do 10 mm, very soft.


4 Yoga Mat Supplier Tells You The Tips Of Choosing a Yoga Mat


  • Pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and index finger and try how the pressure resistance is
  • Wet a small piece of the yoga mat to mimic the situation after sweating and see if it will slip
  • With an eraser yoga mat, try whether the material is easy to break
  • pay attention to the fabric of the yoga mat, choose the environmentally friendly




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