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In the United States, puzzle building blocks toy are often considered to affect preschoolers’ development positively. Every January 29th is National Puzzle Day in the United States. There is also a National Puzzle Museum in Ohio.

Professor Susan Levine, an expert on mathematical development in young children, found that children who regularly played puzzles between the ages of two and four had better spatial skills at the age of five and that spatial transformation skills were linked to children’s future math performance.

Is It Beneficial To Play Puzzle Building Blocks Toy?

Puzzle building blocks toy helps develop intelligence, trains children’s hand-eye coordination, and the arrangement, joint, ring, symmetry, etc., in the building blocks are all good for children’s intelligence. When building blocks, children must involve issues such as proportion and balance, which is conducive to the early cultivation of children’s concept of numbers.

Building blocks are conducive to children’s imagination and comprehensively use a variety of different types of building blocks to build objects together. It is conducive to the cultivation of their imagination and creativity

Puzzle Building Blocks Toy Can Cultivate The Advantages Of Children

puzzle building blocks toy

In the game, parents let children know that many “parts” can make up a “whole” and that “a whole” is composed of “many parts.”

Cultivate the concept of plane combination. Building blocks are a three-dimensional combination, while a puzzle is a concept of plane combination. In a limited 2D range, an object, a logical thing, is spelled out.

Understand the meaning of sequence/order/logic. When many children first encounter a multi-piece puzzle building blocks toy, they naturally know to start from the edge. This is the meaning of learning sequence, order, and logic. He learns to classify while judging, and he has to observe the correct spelling in the example before he can spell the right answer.

Cultivate observation, patience, and concentration. Usually, jigsaw puzzles are put together in daily life, so children must be familiar with the things around them to spell the correct figures logically. In addition, they can also cultivate children’s patience. And focus so that he can concentrate on one thing.

Learn the methods and strategies for solving problems. When playing with the puzzle building blocks toy, you can learn the ability of reasoning and thinking because children will try different choices and let them go until they decide the right one; that is, through the process of assumption, judgment and selection, let He learns to use logic to solve problems.

Improve the ability to resist setbacks. Children will inevitably make mistakes in playing puzzle building blocks toy. At this time, they will feel frustrated and express their desire not to play, but adults can assist them and help them survive to get through.

Help the child build self-confidence. When the child connects the chaotic puzzle pieces until the recombination is successful, the child will feel a sense of accomplishment. This is an essential element to improve the child’s interest. It is also a necessary element for him to complete it independently in the future—a source of confidence for puzzles.

Exercise hand-eye coordination. When playing, children need to use their hands dexterously to promote the development of fine motor skills. Stacking scattered building blocks into complex objects can also exercise hand-eye coordination.

Objects such as houses built by children are everyday life. They must first learn to observe, and then in the process of playing, they will use building blocks to express the things they keep in their daily life. Observation is cultivated unconsciously.

It is best to let children play with other children to develop communication skills, which is more interesting than playing alone. Moreover, children build blocks together, and they will inspire each other, so they will play more seriously, which is also suitable for cultivating children’s ability to get along with others.

In playing with building blocks, children can also learn a lot of mathematical knowledge, develop a sense of space, imagination, creativity and language expression, etc. Recognize that geometric building blocks’ shapes, sizes, and lengths are different. Children can use the building blocks to distinguish geometric shapes, such as cuboids, cubes, cylinders, etc.

Classic jigsaw building toys have specific sizes and proportions. Children can perceive the different shapes, proportions, sizes, thicknesses, heights, lengths, etc., of the building blocks by playing with them.

Teaching by words and deeds suggests that parents often play building blocks with their children, which can guide the baby to master the knowledge of puzzles as soon as possible, and also teach the children by words and deeds, communicate with each other at a close distance, and help children develop healthy emotional intelligence.

Original Design, Safe And Environmentally Friendly

China puzzle building blocks toy

Each pattern of the puzzle building blocks toy is painted by the designer, which is unique. Compared with the building blocks of a single shape, it has a feeling of life at once, and it conveys an entirely different feel to the children from the industrially produced building blocks.

Each puzzle block is made of 100% pure natural solid wood, with fine texture, beautiful texture, high hardness, hand-cut, carefully polished, smooth without burrs, and the size is suitable for small hands.

The puzzle building blocks toy uses natural, environmentally friendly paint and child-grade safety paint. After the building blocks are unpacked, they smell the first time, there is no smell, and it is very safe. Especially babies in the oral period, they like to put things in their mouths. Even if older babies can’t put their mouths in, there will be residues after holding building blocks, and eating them will affect their health. The safety of building block paint is very high. Important.



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