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Learning to sit, crawl, and walk is the only way for every baby to grow. At this stage, two items should be prepared for the baby: the children crawling mat and the other is puzzle fence mat to jointly create a safe and comfortable play world for the baby.

Reasons why you need a puzzle fence matPuzzle Fence Mat Fence

The children crawling mat is beneficial for babies to practice crawling and has a lot of uses. One or two months old babies can practice their head up on their stomachs on the children crawling mat, and they can practice turning over when they are three or four months old. Older ones can practice sitting, crawling, and walking, which are much safer on a children’s crawling mat than on a bed! In addition, the baby can also play with toys, read picture books, and play games on the crawling mat, so the use time of the crawling carpet is very long.

The puzzle fence mat is also a safety guarantee for the baby, especially when there is only one person at home with the baby. Put your baby in the puzzle fence mat and do his property.

Why Puzzle Fence Mat Is Good?

The crawling mats on the market are mainly divided into folding, splicing, and overall carpets, and they also have a particular gap in price. The one-piece children crawling mat is superior in that it is easy to store and can be easily moved during use.

The disadvantage is that the one-piece crawling mat cannot come with a small fence. It is not practical to take care of a three-month-old baby. The spliced ​​type is suitable for storage, and the joined ​​pieces can be “expanded” later, so the Buy puzzle fence mat is still perfect

For families with many children who need expanding fence space, especially small-sized families, the puzzle fence mat is handy! The puzzle fence mat can make it easier to adjust furniture arrangement, and you can piece together different sizes according to your needs each time.

The puzzle fence mat with fences on all sides gives the baby a private space, has a sense of security, effectively reduces the accidental injury of the baby, and makes the mother feel more at ease.

The mat belongs to the three-dimensional puzzle series of carpets. The pattern in the middle of the rug can Take it out separately; you can freely combine it according to your preferences; this floor mat is convenient and straightforward to assemble.

The puzzle fence mat can let the baby know the graphics in the joyful game and can shorten the relationship with the baby; the brilliant colors can effectively promote the baby’s visual development and color recognition ability. It has the same function as an alphanumeric floor mat, and it has an extra fence than an alphanumeric floor mat, which is more reassuring.

The baby starts to learn to stand and walk continuously when he is about one year old. But when the child is learning to walk, if the parents hold the child for a long time, the parents’ waist will be unbearable, and there will be back pain. If there is a puzzle fence mat, the child can learn to walk by himself. Development is also helpful.

Material Of Puzzle Fence MatBlue ABC Foam Puzzle Mat Fence

The materials of floor mats are usually EVA, EPE, XPE, and PVC. Most of the crawling mats made of EVA are spliced, the material is relatively stiff, the resilience is moderate, and the weight is very light.

EPE material and EVA material are also cost-effective, but EPE material is relatively safer than EVA.

The XPE material is lighter, its environmental protection and softness are better than EVA, and its resilience and flatness are superior, but the price is slightly higher.

The PVC material is very soft and comfortable, with high density, heavyweight and high price.

Select The First Element Of The Fence

Choose a puzzle fence mat and have both similarities and differences. The first thing to consider when choosing children crawling mat is safety. The product must be certified by the national 3C certification and other authoritative certifications to ensure that the baby does not have any health problems when using it.

Be sure to choose a brand with guaranteed quality. The higher the edible safety level of the plastic, the better, and the baby will inevitably be curious to gnaw. Some three-no-brand puzzle fence mats are made of recycled plastic and have impurity particles, which must be avoided.

There are three common types of fences on the market: wooden, plastic, and soft fences. The rigid wall material is complex, and the baby can easily hit it after climbing and walking, and it is relatively bulky. The price of a soft fence is relatively high, so the most cost-effective is the plastic fence.

Precautions For Using Puzzle Fence Mat

To ensure the baby’s safety, young parents should ensure that the fence is well cleaned before each use. Wipe with alcohol to disinfect, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry. This maintains cleanliness, is more hygienic, and is better for the baby.

Don’t throw the baby into the puzzle fence mat and ignore it. Even if the baby is placed in the fence, parents need to play with the child in time. Don’t let the baby think that he is “locked up.” Play in the small world, be sure to spend time with your baby so that the baby can grow up healthily!

Don’t buy unbranded puzzle fence mats cheaply. A good puzzle fence mat should ensure two safety aspects: material and design. The material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The scientific method has no safety hazards. Suzhou Hengruida, a big brand, is the most influential floor mat company of puzzle fence manufacturers in China.

Don’t use it for too long. How old can the fence be used for the baby? If the design is good, it can generally be used for 1 and a half to 2 years old, and then you can retire.

The product material of puzzle fence mat is generally flammable, do not use it near high-temperature objects and fire sources



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