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With the improvement of people’s awareness of sports, the requirements for sports facilities are relatively high. Especially for children, rubber mats are safe and environmentally friendly and are the best choice for children’s playgrounds and other facilities.

What Material Is Good For Children’s Floor Mats?

The materials of children’s mats can be divided into three materials: XPE, EVA, and EPE.

1.XPE material

XPE floor mats are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main raw materials, adding a variety of chemical raw materials such as foaming agent AC. Compared with other types of foam materials: it has fine and uniform cells, Toughness, heat insulation, sound insulation, high corrosion resistance, good resilience, low water absorption, comfortable hand feeling, and many other excellent properties. Under normal circumstances, as long as a crawling mat produced by a regular manufacturer using this material is no problem, it is qualified and does not affect the baby.

XPE Crawling Mat
XPE Crawling Mat

2.EVA material

EVA floor mats are made by foaming and molding EVA plastic particles. EVA resin is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. If the crawling mat produced by this material is directly foamed and molded without adding other toxic additives Non-toxic and harmless. But now some companies are not formal and use recycled materials to produce EVA mats. The main components of them have changed. It is no longer just EVA, there are many other plastics, so this kind of taste is very bad for children. Smell the smell when you buy it, and don’t buy the smelly ones.

3. EPE cotton material

EPE cotton, also called foamed cotton, is an environmentally friendly material. It has many advantages such as water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, and strong impact resistance. It is an ideal replacement for traditional packaging materials. Product. It can be used for the inner packaging of wine, melons, and fruits, and it is non-toxic.

Alphanumeric Floor Mat Display
Alphanumeric Floor Mat Display

Now the children’s floor mats on the market are mainly made of the three materials mentioned above, but which one is better in comparison? They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

As long as the XPE material is produced by a regular manufacturer, it is generally no problem to look for the brand when buying. The quality of EVA material is relatively mixed. Some companies have irregular production and add other plastics, which leads to a decline in environmental protection performance. Generally, you will smell a clear pungent odor of this kind of product, and it is best not to buy it. Also, look for the brand when buying. PEP cotton is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. It can be used for the inner packaging of wine, fruits, and vegetables, so parents can use it with confidence.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing Children’s Floor Mats?

1. Smell

The product with recycled materials, no matter how long it is left, the smell will only be lighter. If children are exposed to this pungent smell for a long time, they will feel dizzy and the eyes will feel uncomfortable, so be sure to check whether the floor mat is present. Pungent smell.

2. Thickness

It is not that the thicker the floor mat, the better the elasticity and the safer it is. The thicker floor mat has a greater gap with the ground, and children who are learning to walk may get their feet easily. Therefore, as long as the floor mat can play a certain buffering role, it can play a protective role if it is softer than the floor.

3. Hardness

The hardness of children’s floor mats can have a cushioning effect between 40 and 50. A floor mat that is too hard will make the child more painful, and too soft is not conducive to the baby’s physical development.

Splicing Wandering Wonderland Mat
Splicing Wandering Wonderland Mat

Children’s Mat Cleaning Method

The cleaning method of floor mats is very simple, and the following points are summarized:

  1. Frequently shake off the dust on the floor mat, so as not to accumulate too much and damage the floor mat;
  2. It can be cleaned with clean water, if there are oil stains, you can add a little detergent to clean it;
  3. After washing it, be sure to dry it before using it again.


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