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Many people buy yoga mats before they are ready to practice yoga, but when buying yoga mats, do you also consider whether to buy a Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat or a monochrome yoga mat? Nowadays, more and more people practice yoga. Practicing yoga can improve a person’s external temperament, and it can also play a good role in decompressing and relaxing, so we should also carefully consider color choices.

What colors are recommended for yoga mats?

The green yoga mat is good for relieving stress

Green is the color of nature, and the green Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat can relieve fatigue and also relieve the negative emotions of fainting and nausea. If you live in a green environment for a long time, it will give people a sense of extreme relaxation, and you can reach an extraordinary situation.

The blue yoga mat can play a certain calming effect

The blue Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat can be a good calming effect. Especially when practicing yoga, you must pay attention to peace of mind. If you are irritable, it is not suitable for yoga, and the blue light can treat insomnia, lower blood pressure, and also play a good role in calming and reassuring. Therefore, when we choose the color of the yoga mat, we can also choose some blue yoga mats, which are also very beneficial for us to practice yoga.

The light-colored series of yoga mats is the best choice

Generally, the colors are divided into light series and dark series. If we choose yoga mats, try not to choose red and black yoga mats; red is a very bright color, but if stimulated by such colors for a long time, it will give people a feeling of dizziness, and people’s mood is also very easy to get excited, for yoga practice is also not helpful, black series will give people a calming effect, However, in such an environment for a long time, it can also give people a feeling of irritability and repression.

Things to note when buying a yoga mat

Selection of length and thickness

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When we buy the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat, we try not to be shorter than height, and the width is also tried not to be narrower than shoulder width. You can find out about your body proportions before you buy a yoga mat. Choosing the right yoga mat is very important. In terms of thickness selection, if you are a beginner, you can choose some yoga mats with a higher thickness, which can effectively protect your body from damage.

Choose a yoga mat with good elasticity

We try to observe the elasticity of the yoga mat when choosing the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat. If the elasticity is good, it can also play a good protective role, and it also makes it easier for us to exercise. Generally, a yoga mat with a higher thickness has better elasticity, especially for beginners.

Non-slip properties of yoga mats

If we are exercising on a yoga mat with poor slip resistance, it is easy to shift. There will also be various safety hazards in this way, so when we buy yoga mats, we must pay attention to the non-slip properties of yoga mats. Generally, yoga mats produced by regular manufacturers are very guaranteed in terms of quality and have good anti-slip properties, so when we buy the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat, we need to have a full understanding of yoga mats.

How do I taste the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat I just bought back?

Fun using soapy water

The Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat that I just bought back will have some smell, more or less. To remove these hobbies, we can wash it with soapy water first and then put it in a cool place to air dry naturally. Here, we should be careful not to put it in the sun directly; if exposed to the sun for a long time, the yoga mat will easily crack. Also, try not to soak the yoga mat directly in the water.

Soda+alcohol to remove stains

Combining 5 grams of baking soda with 15 ml of alcohol can effectively remove the smell of the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat. When wiping a yoga mat, try to wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. After wiping it clean, put it in a cool place, and let it dry naturally.

Daily cleaning is very important

Daily cleaning of the yoga mat is also very important. If you use yoga for a long time, it is inevitable that some sweat will remain on the yoga mat for a long time. If you do not pay attention to cleaning for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and produce an odor, so we also need to clean the Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat every once in a while. This can also prolong the life of the yoga mat and is also a manifestation of responsibility for one’s own health.

The Ripple Two Tone Yoga Mat can play a good protective role when we do yoga, and it can also play a certain supervisory role. If we have a yoga mat that we like, it can also urge us to strengthen our physical exercise, and long-term exercise can also improve our external temperament. Moreover, people who practice yoga for a long time have better physical and psychological qualities than others.



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