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Nowadays, when decorating, many families usually design balconies or bay windows as tatami mats, which are not only beautiful but also practical. Thickened tatami floor mats are also a kind of matching floor mat that many people choose. In this way, it is both beautiful and generous and can improve the quality of home improvement and bring a lot of comfort to people. There are also many tatami mats on the market, so in the face of so many tatami mats, how do we choose them?

It is very important to understand the quality

Know if the product is environmentally friendly

When choosing a thickened tatami floor mat, we must choose an environmentally friendly tatami mat. It helps to reduce the release of formaldehyde and is also a manifestation of responsibility for the safety of family life. If you purchase through an online platform, we can focus on understanding some of the materials used in tatami mats or refer to consumer reviews. If you buy it on an offline platform, we can also smell it if there is a pungent smell. Generally, environmentally friendly mats don’t have any odor. You can touch the surface of the floor mat with your hands to see if it is rough. If it is rough, it is very easy to wear. Try to choose some floor mats that are smoother to the touch.

Understand whether the workmanship of the product is fine

If you want to buy a thickened tatami floor mat with good cost performance, we also need to know if the tatami mats are well made. Can you observe whether the appearance of the tatami mat is flat and whether there are joints at the seams? Whether the hardness is moderate, etc., generally, inferior tatami mats will have a layer of white pigment on the surface. Such tatami mats are easy to fade, so it is not recommended to buy them. We recommend choosing a mat with moderate hardness with sharp angles.

The thickened tatami floor mat must conform to the style of home improvement

diamond pattern

Nowadays, many home decorations are broadly divided into a European style, Chinese style, modern style, etc. When we choose a thickened tatami floor mat, we must match the style of home improvement so that it will give people a very comfortable feeling, and at the same time, it will not seem too obtrusive. If you are a young person, you can choose some fresh and gorgeous colors, and if you are middle-aged and elderly, you can choose some elegant colors and consider the non-slip performance and comfort of the tatami mat.

How many materials are there for thickened tatami floor mats? How do I choose it?

Understanding materials is the key

When we buy thickened tatami floor mats, we first need to understand the material of tatami mats. Generally, the materials of tatami mats are mainly divided into polyester materials, cotton materials, and cotton materials, which are also widely used in the market. If you have a baby in your family, you will often buy some non-slip puzzle mats as well. There are also many types of materials for this kind of floor mat, which are roughly divided into EPE material, XPE material of EVA material.

Purchase according to your own needs

Choosing a thickened tatami floor mat is very important to understand your needs. If you put it in the bathroom, try to choose some floor mats with better water absorption; if you put it in the kitchen, try to choose some non-slip mats, and try to choose some soft materials in terms of material, so that friction with the floor can be reduced, and the floor can play a role Very good protection. If you place it in the bedroom, try to choose some cotton or microfiber floor mats, which can reduce static electricity.

Choose some floor mats that are easier to clean

The thickened tatami floor mat is also a place to hide dirt, so we try not to ignore it in this regard. How can we clean it more conveniently? Of course, due to the different materials of each floor mat, the cleaning method is also different, and most people usually use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on it first and then rinse the floor mat. Finally, the floor mat will be dried clean.

Which channels are more cost-effective to buy thickened tatami floor mats

Purchase at home textile specialty stores

Home textile stores are relatively formal, and they have a large number of thickened tatami floor mats here. They have a great guarantee in terms of material and quality, and they do not release toxic substances. Although the price is relatively high, the cost performance is relatively high.

Online purchases

Nowadays, there are more and more online platforms, which have also changed people’s shopping methods and shopping habits to a certain extent. Buying thickened tatami floor mats through online shopping is also a very good choice, and there are wide varieties online, and prices are relatively low, which also increases the variety of choices we have.

Wholesale market purchases

Many large wholesale markets can buy thickened tatami floor mats of different materials. We also try to choose some environmentally friendly floor mats when choosing, so it is very important to know the material of floor mats.

No matter what channel you buy, a thickened tatami floor mat to understand the material, it is very important to understand the quality. In this regard, we also try not to be tempted to buy cheap products cheaply.



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