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Speaking of puzzle fence mat can be said to be a household name, and almost every household has a floor mat; different mats have different functions, such as bathroom mats, which can achieve the effect of water absorption, and the door floor mat can prevent dust from the soles of the shoes from entering the room, and today we are talking about children’s Favorite floor mats, almost every baby at home has this product. The main purpose is to allow babies to play freely on the ground without getting cold feet because the ground is too cool.

What are the Puzzle Fence Mats

Thicker floor mats

Everyone knows that what children like most are bouncing on the ground, and in the process of bouncing, once they fall, the knee bears a lot of strength. In this case, it may lead to joint damage. In addition, when the weather is cool, if you play on the ground, you may have an ice-cold. Therefore, some high-thickness floor mats are more practical for children. They are also children’s favorite floor mats. Not only can they cool off, but if you hit them, you won’t feel any particular pain.

Good slip resistance

For some children who like to play on mats and have obsessive-compulsive disorder, the most annoying thing should be that the floor mat moves around, which will seriously affect the mood of playing, so some mats with better anti-slip properties can also become children’s favorite floor mats. When the non-slip properties of the floor mats are better, they can play a good fixing role in No matter how you play on the floor, the mat will not move easily, so the safety factor is also relatively high, so that when bouncing, the floor mat suddenly slides and causes wrestling.

soft floor mats

When children are playing, the most contact should be with the puzzle fence mat, so the softness of the floor mat is also more important. After all, many babies especially like to lie on the floor mat and play, especially for some babies who are just climbing, often lie on the puzzle fence mat and crawl; if the floor mat is not soft enough, when lying on their tummy, it may be It snaps into the joint area, causing damage to the joint, and the soft floor mat doesn’t have to worry about this at all.

Material classification of puzzle fence mat

XPE material

When buying a puzzle fence mat, the material also needs to be strictly checked. For example, the XPE floor mat is relatively environmentally friendly, and the sound insulation effect is relatively good, which can effectively reduce the noise generated by the baby when playing. In addition, the resilience is also quite strong, and the experience is better when bouncing; it can be said that it is children’s. It’s one of my favorite floor mats, plus this kind of floor mat is comfortable to touch and has a long lifespan and is very popular with parents in the market.

EVA material

EVA material is also an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, this kind of floor mat is relatively soft, toughness is relatively good, has a certain thermal insulation effect, and is also made of international advanced PE material; when used, safety is also relatively good, the only bad is that the floor mat of this material may have some taste, but basically, they can disperse quickly, and there are only some relatively good quality EVA ground Only pads are available, so you don’t have to worry about environmental issues when buying.

EPE cotton material

EPE cotton floor mat environmental protection is relatively poor, but the economical type is quite high, there are many advantages, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, also has the effect of insulation, its durability is quite strong, impact resistance is also relatively good, has certain environmental protection and plasticity, so there are many people who buy such mats, especially the cost performance is high, has been favored by many people.

Instructions for purchasing children’s floor mats

Integrity of appearance

diamond pattern

When buying a puzzle fence mat, the completeness of the appearance is particularly important. After all, no one wants their new floor mats to be defective, so be sure to see if the packaging is complete, whether there are qualified product labels, etc.; it is best to go to some regular store to buy it so that defects can be avoided.

Abundance of colors

The richness of colors can be said to be children’s favorite floor mats, especially for little babies, like mats with more patterns, so that when playing, you can also see many favorite patterns, but although colorful mats are more favored by children, it is still recommended that everyone pay attention to the safety of the floor mats when buying, after all, some colors Some harmful substances may be present in the floor mats that are more gorgeous.

Does it fade

You need to know that the main purpose of buying a floor mat is for children to play with. If the puzzle fence mat fades, it will cause the child to be stained with color or accidentally eaten into the stomach. In order to avoid this kind of situation, when choosing a floor mat, you must first see if it fades.

Many floor mats on the market are children’s favorite floor mats, but when buying, be sure to choose a safe material to buy so as to avoid harm to your baby.



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