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Bringing the rug home is a must for those who like to go barefoot or sit on the floor. As one soft furnishings, the carpet will make people feel different warmth in color, material, and function. Many countries in Europe and the United States pay more attention to details. They usually choose premium rug pads to make the whole house look more advanced and personalized when laying carpets.

Choose Rug Pads For Aesthetics

 premium rug pads

When it comes to premium rug pads, the living room should be the preferred area for most people, and it is also the facade of the home which needs to be selected carefully. Especially in European and American countries, it is relatively cold for most of the year, so they are very particular about the choice of carpet pads and color matching.

If used as a carpet in the living room, bright colors are especially eye-catching, but they must be in line with the overall home style and do not jump too much. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect.

The color matching carpet is bright in color and strong in agility, making the living room more dynamic and vibrant, and it is impressive with simple or aesthetic home furnishing. Its primary color is best to match a specific large piece of furniture or correspond to its color, such as yellow and pink, gray, etc. It is harmonious and warm, sweeping away the dull feeling of winter, suitable for creating generous winter warmth.

Solid-colored rugs are used in a relatively wide range, compatible with any home style. However, pay attention to unity when choosing; the color is the same as the home’s primary color or the same color as the matching furniture.

If there is no warm color in the house, it is recommended to use a light carpet according to the situation or use a warm-colored mat directly to feel the warmth in the home

Different Materials Of Premium Rug Pads Give People Different Feelings

Different carpet materials give people different feelings. A flannel carpet is the best choice if it is only about warmth and comfort. Bright flannel carpet with a unique shape, soft-touch, gentle and warm. Because of its built-in warm-keeping skills, it can warm up the home in the cold winter even without the blessing of warm-toned colors.

Many people think that pile carpets are only suitable for high-end households, but they are also ideal for daily families. A layer of soft plush carpet on the cold floor is not only warm and romantic but also has a sense of luxury. It can not only match the whole space at the foot of the bed in the bedroom, increase the tactile comfort of barefoot stepping, but also drive away Cold, welcoming warmth, creating a warm winter home with a generous texture.

Carpet Pads Must Be Absorbent And Non-Slip

Every time I shower, the bathroom is like a battlefield, and the water splashes all over the place, and it may slip if you are not careful. But put a non-slip and warm rug, and all problems are not a problem. A small premium rug pad is used on the plastic anti-skid pad in the bathroom, which can absorb water and double anti-skid. In terms of color, choose a warm, stain-resistant color.

Put the premium rug pad next to the bathtub; the foot feels very good; even if you stand barefoot on it, it will not be cold. Of course, after the bathroom is carpeted, it is necessary to keep the dry and wet separation. The excellent water absorption can clearly distinguish the space, prevent the water in the shower area from entering other parts, and ensure safety and keep warm.

Carpet Pads With Sound Absorption

china premium rug pads

In a large room, sometimes there will be echoes; if the ears are not good, sometimes you may not hear well; the carpet pad will absorb the sound and eliminate this effect. The protective effect of some families will have children, and the children will inevitably fall during the playing process. If it is a wooden floor, the tiles will be very painful, and there is a particular risk of kowtowing and laying carpet pads. It can be well protected and also very good. Protect the floor well.

Because the utilization rate of the living room is very high, if some sharp objects accidentally fall to the ground, it will cause damage to the floor, which is not beautiful and easy to repair, which is also a kind of mutual protection.

The dust removal effect of the carpet pad The carpet has the function of vacuuming; even if the room is clean every day, a lot of dust will fall off, and the carpet pad has the process of vacuuming, so the dust is not easy to disperse.

How To Clean Carpet Pads?

Regularly vacuuming, you can regularly buy a good vacuum cleaner to suck the dust deep in the carpet. It should be cleaned for users who have cats or dogs at home every day.

Protect the areas with the most carpet treads. If the premium rug pad in the home extends to the front of the door, the kitchen, or other frequently passed areas, consider using a small rug or plastic protection pad to protect these areas, reducing the need to use the vacuum cleaner every day. Vacuum.

wash them immediately for those who accidentally spill vegetable soup or drinks on the carpet. First, blot dry with a clean cloth or paper towel, pour the baking powder into the soiled area and let it sit for 15 minutes until the soup is dehydrated before vacuuming. If it’s spilled with alcohol or other colored liquids, add a little soda to clean it up before sprinkling the baking powder.

For removing old stains or coffee stains from blankets, spray the contaminated area with a vinegar spray bottle and wipe with a cloth. For deeper colors, use vinegar or a carpet cleaner to dampen the stained carpet, then dry it with a clean rag.

Although premium rug pads  are only a small part of home furnishing, they cannot be ignored. Carpets are not just for decoration; they can sometimes create an atmosphere. Choose the right rug to make your home feel warm!



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