best ways to choose a color printed mat in 2022

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Nowadays, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and they also pay more attention to home decoration, especially color printed mats, which are now sought after by many people. So when we buy color printed mats, how should we choose to buy the favorite color printed mat? For many people, selecting a color printed mat is too tricky because the color printed mat supplier has many different colors to choose from. However, you can use different collocation to select the most suitable mat color from color printed mat supplier according to your favorite style. Of course, you can ask color printed mat supplier to provide you with some color printed mat free sample before you buy.


the latest color printed mat in 2022
the latest color printed mat in 2022

As we all know, color printed mat suppliers will provide you with a variety of printed floor mats, and there are many colors to choose from, so it’s better to order some color printed mat free samples. First, you can get these color printed mat free samples in advance; you can get these color printed mat free in advance. Then, by comparing the sample, you can get placemats of different colors together with the background wall of your home, so you can directly see the effect of the finished product! This is one of the best ways to choose a color printed mat in 2022!


Classification and material selection of the latest color printed mat in 2022:

Classification and material selection of the latest color printed mat in 2022

Foyer color printed mat: The primary purpose of using fancy color printed mat in the foyer is to remove dirt, scrape sand, and prevent dust from being brought into the room and cause pollution. Therefore, durable color printed mat should be selected from materials with high wear resistance, good decontamination effect, and easy cleaning, such as rubber, coconut material, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.

Entrance color printed mat: The color printed mat in the entrance can protect the floor and reduce the wear and tear on the ground. Therefore, the color printed mat at the door can choose a color printed rug made of acrylic material that is soft and not easy to shed.

Bathroom color printed mat: Place fancy color printed mat in front of the sink and bathroom door, mainly to absorb water. Therefore, you should choose cotton or microfiber color printed mats, among which microfiber is preferred. Consumers step directly on it after taking a bath, not only absorbing water quickly but also feeling very easy to touch.

Kitchen color printed mat: Durable color printed mat is used here to block water and oil from entering the living area in the kitchen. It is recommended to use a cotton color printed mat here. Because cotton mats absorb water and oil well and are natural, they are safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, the color printed mat of polypropylene is a primarily dark color, which is not noticeable after soiling and is easy to clean. The color printed mat of polypropylene also has an outstanding advantage: the price is average, and its material is also non-superfine and very durable. Therefore, the fancy polypropylene color printed mat in the kitchen is the best option, which quickly gets dirty.

Fancy color printed mats

Bedroom floor mat: Many people now like to put a fancy color printed mat next to the bed so that you can go barefoot without being calm when you get out of bed. Although many fancy color printed mats are on the market, Hengruida still recommends that everyone use cotton or microfiber floor mats in the bedroom. These two-floor mats are safe and pollution-free, utterly free from static electricity, and have an easy texture, perfect for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Color printed mats for balconies and stairways: The color printed mats in these two places mainly play an anti-slip role. Fancy color printed mats made of acrylic and anti-slip mats can be selected.





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