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Crawling mats are a baby’s first good partner to start exploring the world, so how to choose Children Crawling Mat is a headache for many moms. NEEU teaches you how to select safe playmats for babies.


Children Crawling Mat
Children’s crawling mat series


1 Crawling Mat, What Material Is Suitable?


There are many kinds of materials used in the crawling mat available on the market. According to the different materials of the crawling carpet, it can be divided into XPE crawling mat, IXPE crawling mat, EPE crawling mat, EVA crawling mat, PVC crawling mat five kinds of crawling mat material. These five kinds of materials are non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly materials.

XPE crawling mat, IXPE crawling mat, EPE crawling mat belongs to PE material, and plastic wrap composite has no smell of environmental protection material.

EVA is a crawling mat, PVC crawling mat is a crawling mat made of EVA or PVC as raw material and plastic wrap compound.

The majority of consumers favor EVA foam stitching mats with their soft texture, high toughness, thermal insulation, and so on. In addition, many families will buy for children as crawling mats.

EVA foam mat is based on chemical technology, using the international advanced EVA material foam, with soft texture, high toughness, heat insulation, and other characteristics. The product has been certified by the global quality standard system, and environmental certification of environmental protection organizations is to replace the existing children’s mat products in environmental protection, economy, The best choice for security.


2 What is EVA mat?


EVA mats are composed of plastic materials made of ethylene and vinyl acetate, and their transparency, softness, and toughness are pretty high. Among them, the higher the content of vinyl acetate, the openness, and flexibility of EVA mats will increase.

Lightweight: EVA has a density of 0.91-0.93, while PVC is 1.32.

No odors: EVA does not contain organic fragrances like Ammonia or others.

No heavy metals: complies with the relevant international toy regulations (EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963).

Phthalate-free: suitable for children’s toys without the risk of plasticizer release.

High transparency, softness and toughness: a wide range of applications.

Super low-temperature resistance (-70C): suitable for the freezing environment.

Resistant to water, salt, and other substances: in the case of large servings can be maintained.

High heat paste: can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas, and other cloth.


EVA Jigsaw Mat Anti-fall Detail
EVA Jigsaw Mat Anti-fall Detail


3 Is EVA mat toxic?


A high-quality EVA crawling mat is soft and elastic, can effectively reduce shock impact, and is non-toxic and odorless, does not contain any harmful substances, is easy to clean, baby to use healthier, mother more assured.

The low price of the EVA crawling mat is often made of waste EVA materials. The disadvantage is poor elasticity, and the smell is thick, mainly containing formaldehyde and other harmful substances, affecting the baby’s health. So this low-priced crawling mat mothers do not buy, do not for a moment cheap, and harm the baby’s health!


4 Safe Playmats For Babies To Buy Points


4.1 Price


Moms do not covet cheap buy cheap, shoddy products. Small workshops produce things without any quality assurance to pursue profits, use recycled materials, etc. The cost is meager. The market sales price is much lower than formal enterprises.


4.2 Packaging


Many small factories avoid the supervision and review of industrial and commercial quality supervision, mat packaging often only product name specifications, no manufacturer name, no detailed production address, this mat, is not trustworthy.

And high-quality mat packaging will have the company name, production address, and the authoritative department of quality testing certification logo.

Formal enterprise production mats due to the advanced equipment, exquisite production technology, traditional channel procurement of EVA raw materials. When on the market, the price is naturally not low, but more secure!


4.3 Odor


Unpacking smell, if there is a pungent “ammonia smell,” this ammonia smell you smell powerful, just like a fertilizer at home, is sharp, this is low-grade EVA material production mats, absolutely not to.

If you smell a slightly burnt smell, the smell is irrelevant because the EVA material is through high temperature out, so EVA material will inevitably burn. Like this smell, you open the package with water scrub and ventilate a few days later the baby on it.


4.4 Number of holes


The number of high-quality EVA mats holes is relatively small, the gap is relatively small, and the inferior mats are more hollow.


4.5 Elasticity


When shopping for safe playmats for babies, you can press the crawling pad by hand.

Good quality crawling pad by hand will quickly recover, and poor quality pressed to take a little time to recover or not restore the level.


4.6 Colors


When buying safe playmats for babies, rub the crawling pad with a white paper towel to observe whether the color fades.

When choosing a crawling mat to choose not to fade, the baby can quickly eat the dye into the stomach if the color fades.


4.7 Anti-slip


When your baby starts to learn to crawl and walk, it is easier to fall.

Therefore, safe playmats for babies will carry out an excellent anti-slip design. The mat surface will adopt a concave, convex texture non-slip design and play a good anti-slip effect.


4.8 Test Report


Regular manufacturers will issue EVA crawling mat-related test reports, such as SGS, the national quality supervision bureau, and 3C compulsory certification reports.




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