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Some babies don’t like bathing and even cry when they hear that they need to wash their hair or take a bath. If your baby doesn’t enjoy bathing, there could be a variety of reasons, such as fear of water or foam getting into the eyes, fear of the sound of the drain, fear of slipping, or the water temperature making him uncomfortable.

At this time, their parents can’t help to rule out why he doesn’t like taking a bath. Before taking a bath, prepare a bathtub, baby shower gel, a small towel, new diapers, and clothes. There are also some auxiliary: a baby bath mat for tub non slip,which can let the baby lie in it, which is very comfortable, and a thermometer, which can check the water temperature, and the appropriate water temperature should be kept at 37 degrees.

Prepare Warm Bath Water In bath mat for tub non slip

Many babies are afraid of taking a bath because of the sound of water from the tap, so parents should put the water away before taking their baby into the bathroom for a bath. The water temperature is generally recommended to be controlled at around 37-40°C, which is the closest to the baby’s body temperature; otherwise, too cold or too hot may make the baby resist bathing.

Before washing, parents can test the water temperature with a water thermometer or the inside of the wrist or elbow to ensure the water temperature is appropriate and then put the baby in.

Prepare Baby Bath Mat For Tub Non Slip On The Bottom Of Tub Or Tub.

Some babies are afraid of taking a bath because the bathtub or tub is too slippery, and when he steps on it, he is scared of falling. Parents can buy non-slip mats in advance and tell the baby that with the baby bath mat for the tub non slip, it will not be easy to slip.

Do Not Get Water Or Foam Into The Baby’s Eyes.

Many babies refuse to take a bath because shampoo and soapy water are uncomfortable after entering their eyes. To avoid this, parents can tilt their heads back when washing their baby’s hair, taking care not to let the foam land near the baby’s eyes. You can also buy some waterproof shower caps or goggles directly for the baby so that the water and foam will not touch the baby’s eyes.

In bathing the baby, parents can tell him every step they take to prepare the baby. “I’m going to rinse the shampoo out of your hair right now, so close your eyes, so the water doesn’t get in.”

Use shampoo and body wash specially designed for children when bathing and shampooing your baby. Try to choose a formula with few ingredients, colorless or white, fragrance-free, and tear-free. Hurt the baby.

Play With Baby

You can let the babysit on the baby bath mat for tub non slip,when taking a bath. Parents can play some games with the baby that he likes, such as singing, counting bath toys, blowing bubbles, etc. Babies find bathing fun, and maybe he’ll look forward to every day’s bath time.

Remove The Water After Taking The Baby Out Of The Bathroom

Some babies are afraid of the sound of the drain or that they will fall into the drain with the bathwater, so they don’t like bathing. Parents should wait until the baby is taken out of the bathroom before pouring the bathwater.

When Do You Choose To Bathe Your Baby?

We bathe our baby in the evening most of the time, but sometimes the baby gets tired at night after a day of activities and often doesn’t want to bathe. You can choose to clean him at another time, such as choosing noontime, bathing the baby when the day is the warmest, and paying attention not to wash immediately after feeding, generally two hours after feeding or one hour before feeding. It is advisable to prevent the baby from spitting up. You can find the right time of day in your daily practice.

Buy Some Bath Toys

You can buy some bath toys for your baby to put in the tub so that the baby can play in the bath can accept it more easily. Parents can choose toys that will not be damaged by water, such as rubber ducks, boats, fishing toys, etc. Dry the toy after use to avoid mold growth.

Other TipsChina baby bath mat for tub non slip

You can first let the baby play with water in the bathtub, wash his hands, and then try to put his feet in the bathtub. If he can accept it, let them babysit on thebaby bath mat for tub non slip to bathe him or give the baby. It may be smoother to sit in the tub with your clothes on and then take them off. Parents and baby wash together; you can put him between your legs or on your lap, he will feel safe. Or play with him in the tub to reduce his fear of bathing.

If the baby refuses to take a bath, parents should not force it because if he is forced to enter the bathtub when he is afraid, his fear will only deepen. Parents can use a different ways to bathe their baby, such as wiping the baby with a towel dipped in warm water or trying a shower. Control the spray head carefully to avoid splashing water on his face.

After the baby takes a bath, if there is water on the ground in the bathroom, it is best to hand the baby to the family outside the toilet when leaving the bathroom to avoid slipping. If the bathroom floor is wet before taking a bath, you can dry it first or go to the bathroom by yourself and then let the family outside the bathroom pass the baby to you.

The above is the baby bath mat for tub non slip. Xiaobian will give you some popular science for baby bathing. The question if you have more questions about the non-slip mat for baby baths, you can consult us; we will give feedback as soon as possible.



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