Advantages of Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat

1. Waterproof and flame retardant: The material of Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is resistant to high temperature and is not easy to burn in case of fire
2. Good permeability: durable and easy to maintain, Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat can automatically penetrate without water accumulation,
3. Soft and comfortable: High-density manufacturing process, Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is comfortable and soft.

Use of Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat

best Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat
1. Courtyard Garden
2. Kindergarten
3. Football Field
4. School playground
5. Balcony

Benefits of Using Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat

1. All-weather: The Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat sports field has a beautiful overall layout, high usage rate, durable and maintenance-resistant, and can be used continuously throughout the day. Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is completely unaffected by weather and region, can be used in alpine, high temperature, plateau and other climatic regions, and has a long service life.
2. Simulation: It has moderate hardness and resilience, not easy to deform and fade, and has a high degree of simulation. The Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat adopts the principle of bionics and has good simulation ability, making the athletes safer and more comfortable when exercising. The rebound speed of foot feel and ball feel is similar to that of natural turf.

Using Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat
3. Laying and maintenance: The material of Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is environmentally friendly, the finished product is constructed, the construction period is fixed and short, the quality is easy to grasp, and the acceptance is simple. It can be installed on various foundation surfaces, the quality of the foundation is not high, and it can be used for asphalt and cement, and the cycle is short. It is especially suitable for the construction of primary and secondary school venues with long training time and high user density. Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is easy to maintain and has low maintenance costs. It only needs to rinse with water to remove dirt, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation. Low reinvestment cost, easy surface maintenance, Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is easy to maintain, almost zero maintenance, just need to pay attention to hygiene in daily use.

from China Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat
4. Multi-purpose: Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is available in multiple colors to match the surrounding environment and buildings. It is the choice for sports venues, leisure courtyards, roof gardens and other venues.
5. Excellent physical and chemical properties: Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat adopts a number of modern science and technology to achieve a high level of tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, aging resistance and color fastness. After hundreds of thousands of abrasion tests, Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat only loses 2%-3% of its fiber weight; moreover, it drains cleanly in about 50 minutes after rain.

structure of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat
6. Good safety: adopting the concept of safety protection can avoid sports injuries. Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat provides enough cushioning force, using the principles of medicine and kinematics, when athletes exercise on the lawn, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. are protected, and the impact force and friction force when falling are greatly reduced, so that you have no problem at all. Various concerns arising from the venue. The material structure of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat has the function of shock absorption and decompression, which reduces the noise on the playground, especially for students, which can reduce the disturbance.
7. Environmentally friendly and reliable: Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety and no harm, elasticity, and good flame retardant performance. It is suitable for school use and suitable for activities, training, competitions and other venues. Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat does not contain any harmful substances and is sound absorbing.

Questions and answers about Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat

1. Why don’t all the turf be pasted?

A: Because the design principle of lawn is: drainage is carried out through the gap between the turf and the foundation. If the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is bonded to the foundation surface, it will affect the drainage performance of the site. The filler injected into the field, the weight of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat can completely fix the lawn, and there will be no lawn displacement during exercise.

2. Why is the color of the newly opened Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat different from the one opened before?

A: The main reason is that the newly opened Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is basically completely lodging. After the previously opened Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat has been aired, part of the grass has been erected. Therefore, the degree of erection of the open grass before and after is different. , the reflection of light will be different, and it will have a certain impact on the vision of the eyes. In fact, the final color of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat will not have chromatic aberration.

3. Why are there certain requirements for the selection of quartz sand?

A: Yes, if the quartz sand is too small, the site is easy to harden, and if it is too large, it is not easy to be injected into the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat, and it is easy to float on the rubber particles.

4. Why is the function line not done directly on the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat?

A: As far as the existing Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat production equipment in the world is concerned, considering the work limitation of changing yarns, it is only suitable for the production of vertical functional threads, even if the functional threads can be completely woven into the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat in the factory superior. However, when it comes to on-site construction, each functional line may not completely match the position of the drawing, and there are also great obstacles to the construction.

5. Why does the rain wash away the rubber particles?

A: In the site where the construction of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat has just been completed, a very small part of the filling material will be lost in a short period of time, mainly because the newly completed site filling material is not fully compacted, but after a period of use, the athlete’s trampling and filling The material will gradually densify, and the exposed grass will also wrap the filling material, so that there will be no loss in the end.

6. Why does the turf need to overlap by 2 cm?

A: The main purpose is to ensure the overall beauty of the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat. When the lawn is tufted, its needles are more or less deviated. If it is not overlapped, some seams may be sparse, resulting in obvious seams and affecting the beauty of the site.

7. Why does Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat put so much quartz sand?

A: The main function of quartz sand is to increase the foot feel during exercise, to ensure that the grass can stand upright, and to stabilize the lawn. If there is too little quartz sand, the grass will fall more. If there is too much, the grass will be exposed too little, and the amount of rubber particles will be reduced at the same time, resulting in the effect of field sports.

8. Why does the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat have wrinkles?

A: During the transportation of Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat, certain folds will appear due to extrusion. Generally, the folds that appear when the Plastic Green Grass Floor Mat is just paved can be basically eliminated after drying in the sun.

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Water resistance: closed cell structure, no water absorption, good water resistance.
Corrosion resistance: resistance to seawater, grease, acid, alkali, and other chemicals.
Processability: No joints, and easy to process such as hot pressing, cutting, gluing, and bonding.
Anti-vibration: high resilience and anti-tension, high toughness, good shock-proof and cushioning properties.
Heat preservation: excellent heat insulation, heat preservation, and cold protection and low-temperature performance, and cold resistance.
Environmental protection: no peculiar smell, no pollution.

Believe me, I am really pollution-free. All the materials on my body are in compliance with environmental protection standards. I came to my person too quickly. I was completely sealed and packaged as soon as I left the factory. The residual smell is the normal smell of the floor mat. It’s like wood has the smell of wood, and apples have the smell of apples, dear, you just need to clean me a little and put it in a ventilated place and blow it.

NEEU floor mats are foam-molded at a high temperature and are not perfect crafts. Due to machine production, packaging, transportation, and other reasons, the front and back of the floor mats have somewhat small defects such as scratches and color differences. Large or small bubbles and burns on the back of the floor mat due to foaming are normal conditions, which are unavoidable by modern technology and do not affect normal use. If you are more concerned about this, please place your order carefully.

As a high-quality export China EVA mat manufacturer, we are based on the original intention of promoting the concept of environmental protection, using the quality standards of baby products to make a full range of products, and bringing the concept of green and environmentally friendly mats to customers.

Ingredients—mixing—open mixing—infusion—foaming—cutting—quality inspection—packaging

Factory direct sales reduce the links of middlemen, and at the same time, logistics and distribution are long-term stable partners, and transportation costs are reduced. Direct supply from the place of origin reduces transaction time, reduces storage costs and loss of goods, and you can buy more high-quality and inexpensive floor mats.

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