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Do you have a tough choice for children crawling mats? Children crawling mat is significant for babies. It does not affect the baby’s physical health but also impacts the baby’s intellectual development! Therefore, the children crawling mat is not just a random one! To choose an attractive crawling mat, the Chinese zodiac play mat is more suitable for many children, and it is very safe to use.

Be Sure To Prepare a Chinese Zodiac Play Mat.

Chinese zodiac play mat

The crawling mat can help your baby exercise muscles and promote bone growth and ligament flexibility, laying the foundation for standing and walking later. In addition, crawling requires the cooperation of eyes, hands, and feet, which can mobilize the brains on both sides to work together, which is also very beneficial to the balance of the body and the development of the brain. So, from learning to crawl to being able to walk, this is a very precious period of crawling. We must create good conditions for the baby to crawl. For example, prepare a suitable Chinese zodiac play mat in advance so that the baby can have a comfortable crawling environment. The crawling carpet is also the exclusive play area for the baby, and it can be said that every family will prepare it.

What Are The Requirements For An Excellent Crawling Mat?

First of all, it is safe and non-toxic. In addition to eating and sleeping, babies spend most of their time on children crawling ma, so the safety of our Chinese zodiac play mat is paramount. Some cheap crawling mats are made of recycled materials, or their manufacturing process is not good enough. They carry toxic substances and enter the baby’s body through the respiratory tract and skin, causing irreversible damage to the baby’s body.

Comfortable and elastic. A good children’s crawling mat should not be too hard, preferably moderately soft, making the baby feel comfortable and prefer to move on the crawling mat. Of course, the softness here can’t be as limp silky as cotton.

A good crawling mat must have certain resilience and toughness, absorb shock and provide a certain amount of shock buffer so that when the baby accidentally falls, he will not feel pain. Chinese zodiac play mat is just right in terms of softness and elasticity.

The children crawling mat should be in close contact with the ground so that the baby will not fall and be injured due to the movement of the children crawling mat when moving on it. Another advantage of fitting the ground is that the baby will not trip over the edge of the crawling mat when walking from the ordinary floor to the crawling mat. Therefore, the surface material of the Chinese zodiac play mat has a particular grip, the weight of the crawling mat should not be too light, and the edge treatment of the crawling mat must be delicate.

Do Not Buy Formamide Exceeding The Standard Crawling Mat.

Formamide, also known as amino formaldehyde, is a colorless and transparent liquid with a slight ammonia odor. It can make foamed plastic products expand—the more significant the amount, the lighter the plastic, reducing production costs and increasing plastic products. The flexibility makes the product not easy to break. Many bad children crawling mat factories have mixed formamide in their crawling mats, but our Chinese zodiac play mat do not have this ingredient.

Children’s floor mats release formamide. The European Chemicals Agency has classified formamide as a substance with reproductive toxicity. It may affect the central nervous system and reproductive system through skin contact or inhalation. Formamide releases ammonia gas in a high-temperature environment, which is harmful to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.

The European Chemicals Agency classifies formamide as toxic to reproduction and may cause cancer, and long-term exposure can cause organ damage. Furthermore, formamide is slowly volatilized.

Multi-Purpose Pad


Before the baby is born, you can consider stocking up a Chinese zodiac play mat. It can be used as a yoga mat during pregnancy. After the baby is born, try to put it on the Chinese zodiac play mat to practice raising your head and lying on your stomach as much as possible. Many people ask why the baby rolls over and learns to sit and crawl slower than others? Is it because he was often held in his hand when he was young and did not allow him to exercise independently?

If the little-month-old baby often practices prone and raises his head on the Chinese zodiac play mat when he is awake, it can lay a good foundation for crawling, walking, and running in the future. After the baby can sit, the crawling mat can protect the head; when crawling, the limbs can be saved, and it can prevent falling when learning to walk; after the baby can walk, he can sit on the floor mat and play with toys; when he grows up, jumping on the crawling mat can reduce noise, Avoid disturbing neighbors.

Chinese Zodiac Play Mat Is Better To Put In The Living Room Or Study Room?

There are several considerations for placing it in the study. First, parents often watch TV in the large living room. If the Chinese zodiac play mat is placed in the living room, they are worried that the baby will stare at the TV. Second, there is a picture bookshelf in the study, and the crawling mat is closer to the picture book. In this way, the baby loves reading picture books and can recognize many animals on the floor mat.

In many families, the crawling mat has become an essential item in the baby’s growth process. I didn’t expect a mat to have so much attention with the baby’s childhood. Barquin must put priority on the purchase process. Off, do not let the baby get hurt.

I hope that the knowledge about the Chinese zodiac play mat shared with you today can help you; it is safe and environmentally friendly and children crawling mat within the affordable range of economic conditions. If you have any questions about the Chinese zodiac play mat, welcome to inquire, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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