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These are great floor tiles for those just learning to crawl, walk and how to use their new bodies.

We bought these when our toddler was around seven months old and found them to be very helpful throughout the years (he’s now around two years and nine months). He has crawled on them, fallen while taking his first steps, played, and even used them as the stopping point for sliding off the furniture, on his own choosing.

As he got older, we were able to teach him his ABCs and how to count from zero to nine. There are times that he would run around the tiles while singing the ABC song and looking at the tiles for the letter that he was on. He would also sometimes see a letter on his Kindle and feel the need to look for the associated tile too. The different colors helped to teach colors too. A nice way to teach them things while keeping them safe during their inevitable falls.

They clean up easily enough when using something as simple as warm water and a cloth for those spills that happen. For more sticky situations, warm water and soap take care of it easily. Applying duct tape to the back of the tiles can prevent your child from removing all of the various pieces of the foam tile to chew on.

Over time some of the tiles have developed little dents/divots, but we didn’t notice any pieces of the foam tile on the floor. I’m sure it’s just something that happens due to regular traffic over this type of surface.

Definitely, a great item to have when there are children around and makes an excellent learning tool too.



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