Self Adhesive Carpet Tiles

  • Toilet Stickers
    Fancy Toilet Stickers can be cut to the correct size according to different toilet sizes, remove the protective film of durable Toilet Stickers and stick directly on the toilet.
    Toilet Stickers
  • Beautiful Seam Sink Sticker
    China Beautiful Seam Sink Sticker is moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew-proof, etc. It is very suitable for sealing around the bathroom, kitchen, bathtub, panel and shower tray, and it is straightforward to install.
    Beautiful Seam Sink Sticker
  • Kitchen Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Carpet

    Kitchen Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Carpet has a certain thickness and elasticity, which can not only prevent ceramic glass and other kitchen fragile items from falling to the ground, but also relieve the pressure on people’s feet. Floor mats also play a role in protecting the kitchen floor from scratches

    Kitchen Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Carpet
  • Residential Carpet Tiles
    The back of the Residential Carpet Tiles is glued and can be applied as soon as it is removed. The installation process is simple and saves time and effort. Made of eco-friendly fabric and eco-friendly glue, the floor mat is an eco-friendly home self-adhesive floor mat.
    Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde home self-adhesive mats, easy to use, stick and stick, and can be repeated after cleaning.
    Use material: imitation linen (pure color) non-woven fabric (pure color) TPR material adhesive,
    single piece size 30*30*1.0cm (±0.1cm) 45*45*1.0cm (±0.1cm)
    Residential Carpet Tiles
  • Residential Staircase Self-Adhesive Carpet

    The back of the Residential Staircase Self-Adhesive Carpet is made of self-adhesive material that won’t leave any glue, does not damage your floor, and can be reused.

    Residential Staircase Self-Adhesive Carpet

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