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1. What Is Playground Floor?

HKS single-sided concave-convex polyethylene sound-proof and shock-absorbing playground floor is a kind of building floor shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing material. It’s mostly made of polyethylene with a mix of several other accessories that don’t contain any harmful substances. It is mixed and squeezed. Irradiation processing technology uses ionizing radiation to act on material production and crosslinking, changing the original structure of the substrate, forming a closed-cell structure of mesh independent processing technology, and producing high-tech high-end closed-cell foam materials.

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2. What Occupations Is The Playground Floor Used For?

The single-sided concave-convex polyethylene playground floor is mainly used for ground sound insulation of strong noise sources such as factories and home theaters, and is especially suitable for ground sound insulation of commercial centers or entertainment venues. High flexibility, excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection and energy saving, recyclable, easy installation, low comprehensive cost and so on. .

3. Can The Playground Floor Play The Role Of Shock Absorption And Sound Insulation? How’s The Effect?


(1).Sound insulation and noise reduction meet the needs:

After using the playground floor, the standard impact level of the floor sound insulation weight is about 62dB, which can meet the design requirements and improve the privacy of the house.

(2).playground floor damping principle:

excellent sound energy transfer damping loss acoustic characteristics

(3).playground floor Sound insulation effect:

Lay the product on the concrete floor and apply a layer of 4cm thick cement.

(4).The sound insulation effect after tiling is as follows:

  • Rw (C; Ctr) 55 (-1; -3) dB ISO 717-1 (air sound)
  • Ln,w(Ci) 48(-1)dB ISO717-2 (impact sound)

4.What Exactly Does It Do For Sound Insulation?

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The sound insulation principle of damping sound insulation felt.Sound waves travel as waves. Porous materials are mostly sound insulation by absorbing sound waves, and materials with smooth surfaces are sound insulation by reflecting sound waves.

Because the surface density of the damping sound insulation felt of the playground floor is high, the internal damping performance is strong, and it is not easy to generate vibration. It can also prevent the vibration of the veneer when it is attached to the veneer, so that the noise loses the possibility of vibration transmission. The sound insulation felt is made of polymer metal. It is a new type of sound insulation material that controls noise reduction measures in the transmission path. Ultra-thin, the thinner the sound insulation effect, the better the sound insulation effect.

5.Sound Felt Controlled Volume

Regarding the sound insulation performance data of the sound-absorbing felt for the playground floor, we should look at the average sound insulation amount and performance. For example, a layer of plastic film performance tested with four sides sealed, it has an average sound insulation of about 13 decibels. There is almost no sound insulation in terms of performance. The individual testing of material properties and the improvement of sound insulation when the material is used in combination with other materials are two different things. If two materials with a sound insulation capacity of 30 decibels are combined, the combined sound insulation capacity will not exceed 36 decibels (law of conservation of mass).

If a material of 50 decibels is compounded with a material of 30 decibels, the combined sound insulation may still be 50 decibels, or 51 decibels, or 52 decibels, but it is absolutely impossible to exceed 55 decibels. The difference depends on the weight and properties of the additional material. . Therefore, when the sound insulation felt is matched with other materials, the sound insulation volume will not overlap repeatedly. How to use sound insulation materials correctly is also a technical means.

6.How To Use The Sound-Absorbing Felt Of Playground Floor

All soundproofing treatments are required to be sealed without gaps. If the sealing problem is not solved, you are wasting money with the best soundproofing material.

7.G1 Airtight Damping Sound-Absorbing Felt:

  • The easiest way to sound insulation on the wall is to stick the sound insulation felt directly on the wall, and then cooperate with other sound insulation materials, which can solve most of the sound insulation problems.
  • Different from method 1, this method is to lay sound insulation felt on sound insulation cotton.
  • G1 sound insulation blanket does not have the self-adhesive function of G10 sound insulation blanket, and needs to be fixed with nails. A 10mm connection port is also designed at the seam, which not only saves cutting without wasting materials, but also plays a role in sound insulation. Seamless penetration.

Soundproofing materials cannot be reused to increase soundproofing. Noise in different frequency bands requires different materials to block. Therefore, you still need to find a professional to help you use the playground floor sound insulation correctly and develop sound insulation solutions for noise.



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