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Fitness live streaming led to yoga mat sales, many merchants also saw this business opportunity, one after another to wholesale yoga mats in order to profit from it, but there are many issues that need to be paid attention to when wholesale yoga mats, such as yoga mat style, material, etc., when yoga mats can meet consumer needs, sales will be significantly improved, and their own earnings will also increase, so they are interested When it comes to odorless yoga mat wholesale, product safety is the last word.


How does odorless yoga mat wholesale understand product quality?

The credibility of the manufacturer

Research has found that when people buy goods, the first choice is some old brand products. The main reason is that the old brand products have a good reputation and high credibility. Therefore, when dealing with odorless yoga mat wholesale, if you want the safety of the yoga mat to be relatively high, you need to understand the credibility of the manufacturer, which can be carried out from the manufacturer’s qualifications and reputation. Understand that only if credibility is relatively high, sales will also be relatively good after wholesale.

Materials for workmanship

You need to know that there are many yoga mat materials on the market, such as PVC, rubber, TPE, etc., different materials, advantages and disadvantages will also be different, so understanding the workmanship materials is also very important, when manufacturers produce yoga mats, the materials used are relatively high-end, the yoga mats produced can only increase safety when in use, if the material is poor, may not meet the environmental requirements, in use It can also cause harm to yourself from time to time.

Yoga mat thin thickness

In fact, the yoga mat is not the thicker the better, of course, not the thinner the better, when using a thick yoga mat, although it can protect our body well, but when doing some movements, it may also be too thick and collapse, affecting the safety of exercise, and too thin yoga mat will cause the body to have too much contact with the ground, can not accurately protect our joints, only a yoga mat that is thin and moderate , it’s worth choosing.


Product safety deserves attention

Environmental protection

nbr yoga mat (2)

In fact, different yoga mats use different materials, environmental protection is also different, some good materials will be more environmentally friendly, this kind of odorless yoga mat is also easy to be accepted by people, and some poor quality yoga mats, environmental protection cannot be guaranteed, but the price of this type of yoga mat is relatively cheap, there will also be people who choose to buy it, and personal suggestions for odorless When yoga mat wholesale, you still need to choose an environmentally friendly yoga mat.


People who have bought yoga mats will find that some yoga mats smell great, and some yoga mats have no smell, in fact, heavy yoga mats, the materials used are generally poor materials, such materials may have some harmful substances, when in use, people with poor physical fitness will be easily affected, and some good quality odorless yoga mat Basically, it doesn’t have any flavor.


Odorless yoga mats are essential for non-slip properties, but some have strong anti-slip properties, and some are weak. When you use it, you can clearly see that yoga mats with high non-slip properties will be safer to use, and weak yoga mats will cause the yoga mat to run around during use, which affects us to do some exercise.


Materials are very important


Pvc yoga mat can be said to be a more common material, sales are also relatively hot, the softness and hardness of this material is relatively good, especially in terms of price, pvc yoga mat is relatively low, there are tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, to meet the needs of different consumers, and this type of material is plastic products, so it may cause allergies in some people, if the skin Sensitive people need to buy with caution.


The main components of TPE are TPE and artificial rubber, its production process is more complex, and the cost of the material is relatively high, so the price of the sale is relatively high, but the quality of this product is relatively good, the resilience is also relatively strong, not only the touch is soft, the anti-slip effect is relatively strong, especially the absence of plastic, which greatly improves the safety of the yoga mat, environmental protection is relatively high and also affected It is favored by many consumers, and you can consider this one when considering odorless yoga mat wholesale.


Rubber belongs to a natural material, the advantages are great, at present people are also more sought after items made of rubber, such as rubber pillows, rubber mattresses, etc., because its elasticity is better, ductility is also relatively high, so after making a yoga mat, is also popular, can be said to be a very good choice, especially the weight of rubber is relatively light, and it is also relatively easy to carry when going out.


If you want to sell better, when dealing with odorless yoga mat wholesale, you should pay attention not only to its price, but also to the quality of the product. Only yoga mats with high cost performance and strong safety can be favored by consumers, and after-sales problems can be avoided when selling.




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