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When exercising, use some non-slip sports mats, not only can avoid damage to the joints during exercise, but also play a safe role, especially when some sports require sitting or lying down, the mat can also play a role of insulation, so sports mats for some people who love sports, are a must-have product, and for novices, more concerned about Sports This is the question of how to buy a non-slip floor mat. Here are a few tips to tell you how to buy floor mats.

Tips for buying a sports non-slip floor mat

The tactile feel of a sports non-slip floor mat

Before buying a sports non-slip floor mat, you can touch it with your hands first, such as the thickness of the mat, the resilience, etc., these are very important. When the mat is thick, we are doing some bouncing exercises, which can easily cause the mat to collapse, and our center of gravity will also be unstable, or fall, and the resilience is not good, and the exercise for a long time This causes an increase in the gravity of the legs, which affects the leg joints.


Generally speaking, sports non-slip floor mat has a slight taste after receiving it is a very normal phenomenon. Generally speaking, the quality of the mat has a good taste, will be eliminated after reasonable ventilation and cleaning, but if the taste is pungent or does not dissipate for a long time, you need to pay attention to, the material of this type of floor mat may be poor, not conducive to environmental protection, and so The smell it emits can also be harmful to the human body.

Abrasion resistance

Sports and fitness is a long-term process, the mat will also be stepped on by athletes often, if the wear resistance is poor, after a few uses, the surface of the sports mat will have some scratches or chips, and the service life of this type of mat is relatively short, the better quality mats will not easily appear scratches, wear resistance is relatively high, can make people more assured to use, in the purchase From time to time, you can scrape it by hand to see the wear resistance.

Advantages of sports floor mats

Good sound insulation

Since all people live in buildings now, when exercising at home, a lot of movement will affect the neighbors downstairs, and when doing some big sports, it is inevitable that there is a lot of movement. In this case, using a sports non-slip floor mat can play a good sound insulation effect. Skipping rope upstairs or doing other sports can effectively silence and Sound insulation, so that it will not affect others, and you can exercise with more peace of mind.

Sports non-slip floor mat protects leg joints

During exercise, if the ground is hard, it will cause the legs to bear a lot of weight, especially when skipping rope, skipping rope on the hard floor for a long time, will shock the leg joints. If this situation occurs for a long time, if it cannot be relieved, it will lead to sports strain in the joint area, and the resilience of the sports mat is relatively high, which can effectively reduce the degree of joint stress, so it is suitable for protection The leg joint still has a certain effect.

Good slip resistance

The surface of the floor does not have a non-slip effect, so when exercising, the footstep strength cannot be controlled, and the situation of slipping will occur, and the floor is relatively hard, and the impact of wrestling on the body is also relatively large. At this time, the non-slip advantage of the sports non-slip floor mat can effectively change this situation and make people safer when exercising.

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Easy buying a sports floor mat

The thicker the better

Many people when buying a sports non-slip floor mat, prefer a thicker thickness, thinking that the thicker the mat will be the better, in fact, for beginners, the thickness of 10mm is already the limit, and the thicker the mat during exercise, there may be a situation where the stampede is collapsed, resulting in unstable standing, generally the floor mat is 5mm The left and right are more practical. It’s not that the thicker the better.

The cheaper the price, the higher the cost performance

In the market, the price of floor mats is uneven. Many people prefer to buy cheap mats, thinking that cheap mats are more cost-effective. In fact, they are not. Some sports non-slip floor mats with relatively low prices also use poor materials, which is not conducive to environmental protection. In addition, poor quality materials also have poor breathability, which may cause harmful substances to not be distributed during use, which affects oneself.

Sports non-slip floor mat the bigger the better

Yoga mat has an international standard size, for example, the length is 183CM, the width is 61CM, the thickness is 6mm, this size is relatively scientific, not only does not affect sports and fitness, but is also more convenient to carry, if the exercise mat is large, not only is it inconvenient to store, when you need to carry it out, it is also more troublesome, so it cannot be said that the bigger the higher,


Sports non-slip floor mats have good elasticity and strong grip, and can only reduce the friction between the human body and the ground when in use. Therefore, if you want the floor mat to be safer in use, be sure to pay attention to some tips when buying, so that you can avoid buying an inappropriate or unsafe floor mat.



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