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1. What is the use of a sports mat

Fitness exercise is an indispensable thing in our daily life. If you can’t go for fitness or outdoor running, then exercise at home is your only choice.

  • Firstly, shock absorption can improve comfort;
  • The second is anti-skid to improve safety;
  • The third is safety. Aerobic exercises are more stable and less likely to be injured.

Sports Non-Slip Floor Mat- overview

Sports mat is not equal to the yoga mat.

Yoga mat function: ①Practicing yoga ②Sleep.

Yoga mats are generally 1mm-7mm thick.

The function of the sport mat:

  1. Fitness exercises (rope skipping, running, jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, dumbbells, and barbells…)
  2. Make a cushion for sleeping.

The thickness of the sports mat is generally in cm~

Compared with yoga mats, the material of sports mat is not so many bells and whistles. Generally, NBR, PVC, and rubber are mostly used.




PVC foam is the name of a chemical raw material. Before being foamed, it will not be soft, nor can it play the role of anti-skid and cushioning. Only after foaming can products such as yoga mats and anti-slip mats be produced.

The advantage is that the PVC material is affordable, the surface is rough and non-slip, the texture is hard and durable, it can be bought everywhere, and the price is affordable. The disadvantages are poor elasticity, easy deformation, and odor.

There is also an upgraded version of this material, which is called high-density PVC for the time being.

In addition to the advantages of PVC, the resilience and service life have been significantly improved. It can withstand high-intensity training and is wear-resistant without deformation. The current professional sports mats are made of this material, but the price is relatively high, such as IKU.




It is a kind of rubber foamed material, an oil-resistant rubber product of nitrile rubber, referred to as NBR.

The advantage is that this material has good oil resistance, high wear resistance, average heat resistance, is lightweight, has low density, and is cheap enough.

The new pad also has a slightly peculiar smell, but its disadvantages are easy to collapse, general slip resistance, inferior insulation performance, and slightly lower elasticity.




It is a high-end product for yoga mat products. Each mat is lighter than PVC foamed mats and is suitable for carrying out. This material is a recyclable and degradable environmentally friendly material, so the price is relatively expensive.

The advantages are that it does not contain chlorides and metal elements, is soft and antistatic, has a strong grip, is light in weight and easy to carry, has excellent elasticity, and is very cost-effective.

The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperatures, and the anti-slip performance will be reduced after the sweat has adhered to the mat. Also, it is recommended to wipe it clean every time it is used up for longer service life.

Finally, the rubber material. Rubber is often used to make floor mats. Gyms generally use this type. They are environmentally friendly, very wear-resistant (thick enough), have moderate cushioning performance, and the price is not cheap.


We almost forgot EVA


It is a material made by copolymerization of acetic acid and ethylene. It is soft and cushioning, antibacterial and odorless, and has excellent resilience and toughness. However, it has general sound insulation and anti-slip properties. It is also one of the materials for floor mats.

Denim Stitching Floor Mat- overlook


How to choose a fitness mat

First, according to actual needs——

If it is for static exercises such as relaxation, stretching, or plank support, you don’t need to choose such a good cushion, because the stability requirements are not high, so it’s okay to be thicker (the shock absorption is more comfortable), as long as the anti-slip performance is not good. Everything is ok, and it doesn’t hurt if dozens of pieces are broken.

If you are practicing HIIT, dumbbells, and other aerobic exercises, it is recommended that you first pay attention to stability when buying, and then consider anti-skid, abrasion resistance, and resilience performance.

To be fair, the thickness of the fitness mat should be moderate.

I don’t know when to start. What Quora said is that the thicker the sports mat the better. Although thickness is to increase the comfort, if it is too much, it will affect the stability and cause the center of gravity to be unstable. Therefore, the general fitness mat is not recommended to be too thick, 10mm is the sky when considering the cost performance, and it will not be easy to use if it is thicker.

Next is the budget-

Otherwise, it’s just a hooligan, it is impossible to buy TPE at the price of buying PVC, figure out what the price in your heart is, and you can screen out the fitness mat you want as soon as possible.

Eventually, we shall look at the brand——

Those who can choose well-known sports non-slip floor mat brands will never start with small factories, regardless of whether the business is blowing the sky or not, depending on sales and word of mouth, you must speak with your strength.

There are also sizes. Of course, at the same price, choose the big one, not the small one, but if you have to run around at home, it is better to cover the floor mats~

PS: Yoga mats of the same size are generally made of heavier materials, and this can also be used as a criterion for purchasing yoga mats.

Choose a thicker one for static training and stretching.



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