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Judging from the current import and export situation of China’s yoga mat industry, the current scale of China’s yoga mat exports is much larger than that of imports. From the perspective of the industry’s export ratio, china yoga mat manufacturers products are mainly exported, but in recent years, china yoga mat manufacturers have begun to gradually Shift the market to other countries.

China Yoga Mat Manufacturers Industry OutlookPVC yoga mat

China yoga mat manufacturers have increased industry investment and huge market space. The yoga mat industry covers a large group, the market space and output value are large enough, and good services and solutions will bring greater returns. Therefore, the yoga mat industry is increasingly valued by capital and enterprises. The yoga mat industry is mainly based on the service industry.

China yoga mat manufacturers focus on technology research, including model research and solution research. The yoga mat industry has a huge market space, and there is a large blue ocean, and capital investment will increase.

China Yoga Mat Manufacturers Market Size

In recent years, the global yoga market has continued to grow. According to statistics, the import and export volume of china yoga mat manufacturers was 27.0231 million in 2013, and 34.8184 million in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 4.52%.

In 2013, China’s yoga mat import and export volume was 256 million US dollars, and in 2017 it was 308 million US dollars, an increase of 9.87% over 2016.

The market size of Chinese yoga manufacturers reached 32.21 billion yuan in 2018, 39.39 billion yuan in 2019, and 46.76 billion yuan in 2020. The growth of the yoga market model mainly comes from yoga vertical products, fast-growing general population and core population, and course revenue from offline yoga studios and studios.

In 2018, the number of yoga venues in China reached 30,000+, and the urban consumption level is an important factor affecting the development of yoga studios. In addition, the development of yoga in different cities is also related to the size of the population, the popularity of the yoga industry, and the regional consumption tendency.

Among the Chinese yoga users, only 0.1% said they would definitely not continue to practice yoga in the future, and 74.3% said they would definitely practice yoga. The loyalty of yoga users is extremely high. Once they are provided with high-quality services, the user churn rate will be much lower than other types of sports.

The Development Path Of China Yoga Mat ManufacturersChina PVC yoga mat

The development path of china yoga mat manufacturers will always be guided by user needs, and gradually optimize the user experience of products and services; the future direction of the yoga mat industry is to solve the core pain points of users.

The future development trend of the yoga mat industry is to optimize services and provide users with cost-effective products and services; the future development trend of the yoga mat industry is more intense competition; the development direction of the yoga mat industry is user-oriented, focusing on solving user pain points , In the fiercely competitive environment, we will continue to optimize yoga mat products and services.

China Yoga Mat Manufacturers Financing

The investment in the yoga industry has increased and the market space is huge. The yoga mat industry covers a large group, the market space and output value are large enough, and good services and solutions will inevitably bring greater returns, so the industry is getting more and more attention from everyone.

China yoga mat manufacturers have a high concentration of investment and financing and the rounds are compact. From 2011 to the first half of 2018, a total of 27 effective investment and financing transactions were recorded, and they were concentrated in the A round. The cumulative investment and financing amount in the industry totaled 660 million + RMB.

The data shows that the overall financing scale of china yoga mat manufacturers is relatively small, the business expansion of the company is slow, and there is no explosive unicorn company. On the one hand, yoga’s business mainly comes from course services. Based on its service characteristics, the cost of business expansion is high, and it takes 2-3 years to make a profit, so the capital entry in the early stage is slow; on the other hand, the growth of yoga pan-crowd mainly comes from the past two years, and the consumption behavior of the crowd has a certain lag sex.

China Yoga Mat Manufacturers Return On Investment

The investment return period of the yoga mat industry is the time required to calculate the amount of income and the accrued depreciation and amortization of intangible assets under normal production and operation conditions after the project is put into operation to recover the total investment of the project, which is consistent with the yoga mat industry benchmark. A static analysis method to analyze the financial benefits of project investment by comparing the payback period.

Comprehensively analyze the market status, demand, scale, challenges, competition, policy environment, development trends, prospect forecasts and other factors of the yoga mat industry to conduct research on the yoga mat industry. According to the previous return on investment of the yoga mat industry, combined with the industry According to the compound growth rate analysis in recent years, the investment in the yoga mat industry in the next few years is expected to be objective, and it is expected to reach more than 190%.

How Manufacturers Make Yoga Mats

Compounding according to the preset component ratio to form a mixture, the mixture includes polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer, foaming agent color paste, calcium carbonate and nitrile rubber.

The mass fraction of nitrile rubber in the mixture is 3%-5%; the mixture is stirred by a mixer; the mixture is coated with a coating machine to form a strip-shaped baseband; the strip-shaped baseband is developed. bubble work.

The yoga mat produced by the manufacturing method of china yoga mat manufacturer has high resilience performance and better use effect.



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