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Alphanumeric floor mats are floor crawling mats that many parents buy for their children. They can meet children’s crawling needs and later meet babies’ understanding of letters and numbers. It can be said that this is a “multi-functional” floor mat. However, when choosing to buy an Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat, many details need to be paid attention to. Starting with these details, can we guarantee the quality of the floor mats purchased.


Appearance identification of the Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat

  1. Is the artistry exquisite

When buying an Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality identification of the appearance. Identifying quality from the point of view of appearance can be done from multiple angles. The first is to observe the appearance and quality of the selected floor mat. If the artistry is rough, it is recommended not to choose it because, for husky floor mats, the service life is relatively short and does not have strong wear resistance. There may even be other drawbacks that affect health. If the area around the mat is full of burrs or small pits, then it is not recommended to choose it.

  1. Is the color symmetrical

Typically, Alphanumeric mosaic floor mats come in a variety of colors. If the color of the floor mats is not uniform or there is a significant color difference, then the floor mats of this quality are not in line with the relevant national production standards. The high-quality floor mats are very well proportioned in color, and there will be no color or dark or light color.


Odor identification of Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat

Alphanumeric Floor Mat Detail
Alphanumeric Floor Mat Detail
  1. Is there an odor

If the Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat has a specific pungent smell or other odor, it is of poor quality. The high-quality floor mats do not have a scent, let alone a strong smell. Not only that, but the high-quality floor mats are environmentally friendly and do not pose a threat to your baby’s health.

  1. Does it still taste good after two days of ventilation

In addition, some floor mats may have some taste due to raw materials. Still, Alphanumeric mosaic floor mats that meet production standards often do not have any taste after two days of ventilation. If the floor mats purchased still have a very intense flavor after ventilation, it is recommended to abandon use to avoid the gas emitted by the baby. Lung development is affected.


 Identification of the material of the mother number splicing pad

  1. Is the material soft

Alphanumeric mosaic floor mats must pay attention to the choice of materials when purchasing. First of all, check whether the material used in the floor mat has soft characteristics. The higher the softness, the stronger the ability to protect the baby. The hot material is hard or soft, and the baby is not very comfortable doing or climbing on it, which affects the sense of experience.

  1. Whether the material is environmentally friendly and safe

The quality of the floor mats presented by different materials is different. The Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat made of high-quality materials has specific environmental protection performance and safety. During use, babies will not pose a threat to their health due to poor quality materials. It is recommended to choose a floor mat made of foam with a higher comfort level.


Whether the material is wear-resistant

When choosing a floor mat and paying attention to the choice of material, the key is to understand the wear resistance of different materials. Generally speaking, the stronger the wear resistance, the longer the service life of the floor mat. A baby’s growth process is inseparable from a floor mat for every family. The floor mat will accompany him from not being able to walk, learn to walk, and even use it for a long time. Therefore, choosing a floor mat made of wear-resistant materials is fundamental to ensure its service life.


Color identification of the Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat

  1. The comfort of the color tone

When choosing a floor mat for your baby, be careful not to choose a too bright floor. If the color is very bright, it is easy to cause visual pollution, and there are many disadvantages to your baby’s visual development. Therefore, when choosing an Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat, pay attention to the choice of color tone. Choosing soft colors can bring a more comfortable visual effect to your baby.

  1. Don’t have too many colors

Many parents often choose places with more colors when choosing floor mats to facilitate the baby’s recognition of colors. Still, from the perspective of professional parenting, if there are too many colors, it is also easy to cause visual fatigue, so it is not recommended to choose too many colors and low-key and control the colors within three or four colors as much as possible. This avoids the impact on the child’s vision due to too many colors.


The above inventory introduces these details that need to be paid attention to when purchasing the Alphanumeric mosaic floor mat. Analyzing and selecting from these details can ensure the overall quality of the selected store. Avoid buying blindly and causing yourself to buy inferior rugs at a high price, which affects your baby’s health. In particular, pay attention to whether the color will fall off when purchasing this floor mat. If the color of the floor mat falls off, then it is best not to buy it. All floor mats that lose color are inferior products, and there are many safety and health hazards.




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