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Overall this is a great playmat!

1) it’s pretty large. My little one can play on it comfortably
2) the colors are nice and bright
3) the price is pretty good – I wasn’t going to spend more than $30 on a play mat!

1) Not as soft as I’d like it to be. It might help to put it over the carpet, but ours is right on top of the hardwood floor, and it’s not very soft.
2) A little bit slippery if my little one is wearing socks (I usually let him go barefoot through, and then it’s fine)

1) My seven-month-old discovered that he could pull the pieces off and started chewing on the edges. I don’t mind too much, and this would happen with any other mat, but I thought I’d mention it. (UPDATE: It’s the worst.. your kid will take the entire mat apart a million times a day)

Overall it’s a great mat for the price! If you want something really soft, order the Baby Care Reversible Play Mat from Buy Buy Baby — It’s one piece and super soft, but it’s also pricey ~$100.

I came to really despise this playmat. Reasons:

1) As my little one got older, he started taking it apart ALL THE TIME! When you’ve put it together for the millionth time in a day, it gets old really fast.

2) Dirt gets in everywhere through the cracks and falls beneath the mat, and unless you clean under very regularly, it’s going to be dirty. I might have high standards of cleanliness, especially when it comes to my baby, but this was definitely a deal-breaker for me.

We decided to buy the Baby Care mat instead, and it’s been great! So very soft! We put this play mat outside under our toddler slide on our patio, and it’s fine there.



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