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When the COVID-19 quarantine started and our taekwondo studio went to Zoom classes, I found that a thin layer of 40-year-old linoleum was not much to temper the cold, hard, concrete basement floor, so we could practice there. I ordered some 1-inch thick foam puzzle mat from another manufacturer (BalanceFrom) but did not receive all the boxes I ordered (factory shut down due to quarantine, which I respect).
So I ordered this Prosource Fit matting, and now I can compare the two and tell you:

Prosource Fit was more consistent from one box to another. The tiles are much closer to the same thickness (which keeps you from stubbing your toe or tripping when moving from one tile to another), have a more consistent density (so one tile isn’t noticeably softer than another), and have a more aggressive jigsaw pattern on the borders that keep the tiles from separating when you put stress on them (like doing jumping jacks or landing after a spin). You can see this in my review photo, which compares the two brands.

I think this is a superior product, and it has made our workouts at home so much easier.



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