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1.What Is Yoga Mat


Yoga mat is a mat laid underneath when practicing yoga, to protect our body from harm, but also make yoga movement more comfortable and precise.

The role of yoga mat: protection, non-slip, comfortable, beautiful

Yoga mat material: fabric, NBR, PVC foam, TPE foam, TPE double layer, linen PVC, linen TPE, flax rubber, pure linen, natural rubber

Yoga mat thickness: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm beginner, 10mm, 10mm or more

Yoga mat size: 610 × 1730 (international standard) /610 × 1830 (extended) /800 ×1830 (widened) /1200 × 1830 (double)

Price of yoga mat: 40-200 yuan

Use of yoga mat: practice yoga, indoor fitness, outdoor camping, children’s fall prevention, ground protection, etc


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2.What Is a Fitness Mat


The mat is called a fitness mat and is used to protect the body and reduce the cushioning force.

The role of the fitness mat: cushioning, protection, non-slip, comfortable, beautiful

Gym mat material: NBR, PVC foam, EVA

Thickness of fitness mat: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm or more

Fitness mat size: 600 × 1700/600 × 1800/800 × 1830/1200 × 1800

Price of fitness mat: 20-100 yuan

Use of fitness mat: Pilates, equipment exercise, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise


3.The Difference Between Yoga Mat And Fitness Mat


Distinguishing Yoga Mat Fitness Mat
Thicknesses 2-10mm 10mm-25mm
Prices RMB40-200 ranging from $15-60
Sizes 183×61; 173×61cm 183 x 61cm or free size
Material PVC; TPE; linen; rubber NBR
Performance Non-slip, comfortable and protected Protection, cushioning


3.1 The Difference Between Materials

Gym mat material: NBR, PVC foam, EVA

Yoga mat material: NBR, PVC foam, TPE foam, tpe double layer, linen pvc, flax tpe, flax rubber, pure linen, natural rubber

The biggest difference between materials is the price, NBR and EVA material is much lower than other materials, which is why these materials are used in the gym mat.

There is a more important reason is that the gym mat is generally thicker and the material used is relatively more. If TPE rubber is used, the cost price of a mat will be more than 500 yuan.


3.2 Difference in thickness

Thickness of fitness mat: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm or more

Thickness of yoga mat: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm

Why is the difference between the thickness of the yoga mat and the gym mat so big?

  1. the main function of the fitness mat is protection, cushioning, and the thickness is too thin then can not play a cushioning role, resulting in injury or discomfort.
  2. yoga mat main function is: anti slip, protection, stability. Yoga mat is too thick, many beginners and even veterans will have the phenomenon of instability, which loses the substantive role of the yoga mat.

So the yoga mat can not be too thick, the gym mat can not be too thin!


3.3 Size difference

Yoga mats are available in strict standard sizes 610 × 1730 (international standard); 610 × 1830 (lengthened); 800 × 1830 (widened); 1200 × 1830 (double). Fitness mats are very free of all sizes, there are no strict restrictions, the basic is with the manufacturer.


yoga mat 7


4.Yoga Mat Size Selection

Yoga mat: non-slip, protection The ultimate goal is to make yoga more precise and stable to achieve the original purpose of the gym mat.

Fitness mat: cushioning, protection The most purpose is to reduce the exercise buffer force to protect the joints and thus play a protective role.

Different effects lead to two kinds of mats completely different, different thickness, different materials.




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