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Many yoga lovers need to buy yoga mats; if we choose poor quality yoga mats, it will bring us a lot of obstacles to practising yoga; when you go to the China yoga mat supplier market, you face China yoga mat supplier market dazzling your yoga mat, its material and price are also great The difference. So how should you choose a better china yoga mat supplier? How can I choose the right yoga mat? China yoga mat supplier suggests that before you buy a yoga mat, you need to consider the following five major issues:

  • Does the manufacturer of china yoga mat suppliers indicate the “use by date”?
  • Is the yoga mat easy to carry?
  • Is the material of the yoga mat environmentally friendly? How much impact will it have on the environment after being eliminated?
  • Is the yoga mat easy to lay flat when laid flat on the floor?
  • Will it be easy to slip after sweating?

China yoga mat suppliers

The purchase method summarized by China yoga mat supplier:

  • For those who are new to yoga, you can choose a thicker yoga mat, such as 6mm wide; if you have a certain foundation, you can select a thicker yoga mat
    Yoga mat with a degree of 3.5mm-5mm.
  • Compared to traditional yoga mats made of PVC, eco-friendly yoga mats mixed with natural latex and hemp, although the price is slightly
    Tall, but better for the human body and the environment. Consider it when the economy allows it.
  • Pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and index finger to try how compressive it is. The yoga mat with good elasticity is more protective for the human body
  • Take an eraser with you before buying it and use it to wipe the yoga mat. Try if the material is easy to break?
  •  Push the surface of the meat lightly with the palm of your hand to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foam residue on the surface of the yoga mat provided by the China yoga mat supplier, it will be slippery and slippery; then, it is easy to slip and fall when practising on it.

After choosing a yoga mat, you should also learn better yoga movements. The most basic yoga movement is the asana mountain style. Practice against the wall at home to ensure that the body is on the same plane, which can effectively improve the posture problems of the head forward, shoulder hunchback, and pelvis irregularities. Moreover, when the body is accustomed to standing correctly, you can stand up without relying on a wall in daily life, effectively improving your posture. Here are some of the best yoga moves China yoga mat supplier offers you:

1. Open shoulders & open chest

Stand facing the wall, feet open the same width as hips, inhale and extend the spine, exhale, bend forward and down, hands on the wall, hips extend backwards, hold 5-8 breaths
Kneel against the wall and inhale, stretch your spine, and bend down before exhaling. Then, place your hands on the wall and slowly press your chest against the wall when you exhale again, keeping 5-8 breaths.
Kneel on the pad, inhale on the vertical calf pad, extend the spine, bend down before exhaling, stretch your arms forward, and your chest close to the ground if you can,
Stand facing the wall with your legs on the wall, bend down and back against the wall. In the beginning, your feet can keep five breaths away from the wall, and your feet are slowly moving forward.

2. Standing forward flexion

Stand facing the wall, bend down, and put your back against the wall. At first, your feet can be far from the border, keep 5 breaths, and walk slowly forward.

3. One-legged spinal anterior flexion

Stand with your back to the wall, exhale, bend down and lift your right leg against the wall, hands on both sides of the body, if you can, move your left foot in the direction of the wall and hold 5-8 breaths, change to the other side.

4. Strengthen side stretching

Stand facing the wall, feet open at the proper distance, toes facing forward, hips straight, inhale, hands up the spine, exhale, bend forward, push both hands against the wall, chest open, spine extension Keep 5-8 breaths, change the other side.

5. Warrior Three

Stand facing the wall, inhale, extend the spine and exhale, lift your left leg and bend your body forward,Place your hands on the wall, stretch your left foot back, hold 5-8 breaths, change to the other side.

6. Swashplate

Hold 5-8 breaths with both feet against the wall, and slowly place your feet on the wall to keep 5-8 breaths again.

7. Ship type

Sit against the wall, raise your legs and place your feet on the wall, and stretch your arms forward,Hold 5-8 breaths.

8. Backward arrow

Lying on the cushion surface with your hips against the wall, legs close together or apart, you can place your hands on both sides of the body and relax your legs completely for 1-2 minutes.

Yoga Mat
Do you know more about choosing China yoga mat suppliers and yoga mats? China yoga mat suppliers remind all yoga enthusiasts that when choosing yoga mats, you must pay attention to non-slip, and friends who practice yoga regularly should keep them in mind.



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