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Many families have loved the appearance of foam crawling mats. There are many materials for crawling mats, and the most popular one in the market is the quality eva mat. However, many parents don’t know much about children’s crawling mats and are worried that they will cause harm to children. So what kind of crawling mats are more popular? According to statistics, crawling mats manufactured by china eva mat manufacturers are more popular worldwide.

Floor Mat Safety From China Eva Mat ManufacturersChina Eva Mat Manufacturers

When choosing a children’s crawling mat, material safety is the priority because the baby often moves on the crawling mat, so be sure to ensure safety. No matter the children’s crawling rug price, we must choose the floor mat produced by china eva mat manufacturers, which is non-toxic and tasteless. To ensure that the product has no taste, we can buy it in advance and put it in a ventilated place for some time before using it for the baby. Safer.

When purchasing, you can press the crawling mat by hand. The quality of the floor mat produced by china eva mat manufacturers will quickly recover when you press it by hand, while the poor quality will take a little time to recover or cannot be recovered at all. Smooth.

When purchasing, use a white paper towel to rub on the crawling pad to observe whether the color fades. When choosing a crawling mat, choose one that does not fade. If the color fades, the baby will easily eat the dye into the stomach.

Try to use the whole crawling mat. Some families will choose a jigsaw mat. Although the jigsaw mat can change its shape according to the space, once the baby urinates on it, many jigsaw pieces must be removed to wipe the urine. Otherwise, the urine will seep through the mat and enter the floor, which is troublesome to scrub. The crawling carpets produced by china eva mat manufacturers will not have such drawbacks.

What Material Is Eva

EVA refers to “ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer” and its rubber-plastic foam material. It was first synthesized by American scientist H.F. Mark using the low-pressure method in 1928 and later published in 1938 by the British ICI Chemical Industry Company.

The patent for the manufacture of EVA by high-pressure polymerization, and then in the early 1960s, DuPont in the United States began to have industrial products. Later, china eva mat manufacturers began to understand and produce quality eva mats.

Use Of Eva

It will not cause harm to the environment when discarded or burned. EVA material can be used in the electronics, hardware, and toy industries. EVA is more expensive than toxic PVC.

The density of EVA ranges from 0.91 to 0.93: high transparency, softness, and toughness: the application range is very wide. With super low-temperature resistance (-70C): suitable for the freezing environment. Resistant to water, salt, and other substances: stable in large applications.

The material of advanced eva mat produced by china eva mat manufacturers needs to add a foaming agent and a foaming aid before foaming and pressurize and heat it. There will be a small amount of gas generated by the foaming agent in the chemical reaction of gasification. The pungent ammonia gas is sealed in EVA bubbles, and it only takes a few days to remove the odor.

In line with the relevant international toy regulations (EN-71 Part 3 and ASTM-F963), the floor mats and toys manufactured by china eva mat manufacturers are suitable for children’s toys and will not cause the release of plasticizers.

EVA particles can be produced into various EVA sheets, and then the sheets are processed in multiple ways to become our common yoga mat ce, earphone bags, toys, etc. Suzhou Hengruida Co., Ltd. is a china Eva mat manufacturer that focuses on product development, production, finishing, and domestic and foreign marketing of quality eva mat and its color printed mat.

China Eva Mat Manufacturers International CertificationChina Eva Mat Manufacturers

In fact, the two substances contained in the quality eva mat were originally non-toxic, but as more and more families use this mat, and the main users are children, the demand increases. Many manufacturers often add a formamide substance, a foaming agent, to reduce costs and maximize profits to make the floor mats softer.

But you can rest assured that the crawling mats produced by china eva mat manufacturers, according to the relevant information, the rugs made by china eva mat manufacturers are in line with the scope of international certification, SGS and CTI are relatively traditional third-party testing institutions, owning their certificate is more assured.

Oeko-Tex is a king-level certification, and the requirements are very strict. There are many tests for formaldehyde, pesticides, and other residual chemicals so that you can buy the floor mats produced by china eva mat manufacturers with confidence.

Be Sure To Choose China Eva Mat Manufacturers

In fact, the quality eva mat can be used by children, especially when children start to learn to crawl; it can indeed be said to be an artifact for babies. But not every crawling mat on the market is suitable for babies because it is mixed with many inferior products, so parents must look for china eva mat manufacturers before buying crawling mats for their children.

The quality eva mat produced by china eva mat manufacturers will not have low-quality crawling mats, and the products in close contact with children must be safe and secure.

If parents can choose a good floor mat, it is no problem to let the baby use the crawling mat to practice crawling or rolling on it. It would also be a pity if parents missed out on good crawling pads because they were worried about the harm to their children from inferior products. Since so many parents are willing to buy crawling mats for their children, it proves that crawling mats have a great effect, so be sure to choose china eva mat manufacturers to be safe and secure.



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