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Many parents like to buy alphanumeric floor mat and put them on the floor at home so that the baby can sit on them, play and crawl, and is not afraid of the baby falling. Because the alphanumeric floor mat is soft, it won’t hurt even if you fall. If your parents have something to do, they can do their own thing.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Floor Mat?Splicing Alphanumeric Floor Mat

The quality of the things used on children must be guaranteed, so we must first ensure safety and environmental protection when choosing floor mats. Generally speaking, most floor mats on the market are made of foamed plastic products such as PE.

Foamed plastic products such as PE are not harmful in themselves, but in plastic production, there will always be some manufacturers who will add formamide to them. The purpose of such manufacturers is also straightforward: to make the floor mat more resilient.

The foaming amount of plastic products added with formamide will increase, but there are advantages and disadvantages. If the human body absorbs such compounds, it is easy to cause damage to the human body, especially the blood system and nervous system.

For children, their body structure itself is not fully developed. If they absorb too much formamide, it is harmful and not beneficial. But ordinary people can’t judge whether the floor mat has quality problems with the naked eye, so the editor of Hengruida Co, Ltd. recommends that you not use it directly after purchasing the alphanumeric floor mat. The correct way should be: to put the floor mat in a calm and ventilated place so that the toxic substances can be volatilized entirely before use.

Alphanumeric Floor Mat Quality Pass

When purchasing a puzzle floor mat, you should also predict the quality of the product, and you can bend it properly to see if there are foam fragments. If the quality of the product is not good enough, it must not be used.

Because of the significant market demand for alphanumeric floor mat,throughout the current market, the quality is uneven, and the alphanumeric floor mat of various brands also make everyone “dazzled” when purchasing. No matter when and where choosing an alphanumeric floor matThe most crucial point is: to choose a good brand produced by regular manufacturers.

What Are The Requirements For a Good Floor Mat?the Alphanumeric Floor Mat Detail

The baby’s bones are very tender, and the injury of falling can be seen, but the impact on the bones is invisible. The floor mats that the baby crawls and plays on having a particular effect on the growth of the baby’s bones. Professional floor mats have strict requirements on density, thickness and elasticity, effectively protecting the baby’s bone growth. The elastic force of the alphanumeric floor mat is better, and the baby is not afraid of falling when crawling.

When the baby learns to crawl on the digital crawling mat, the saliva will likely get on the mat, so when Bao’s mother chooses the product, she must choose a waterproof and dirt-resistant crawling mat. The key is to clean it up because the cleaning is improper; wet crawling carpets are prone to mildew and bacteria breeding. Alphanumeric floor mat has a good waterproof effect and a better cleaning effect.

If the crawling mat is not non-slip and the friction with the floor is not enough, it will prevent the baby from learning to crawl and walk and easily fall and be injured. Therefore, the surface of the alphanumeric floor mat generally has a bump texture to increase friction. This alphanumeric floor mat has a good anti-slip effect, and the baby’s little feet don’t have to worry about slipping on it.

When it comes to the touch, it is from the softness of the alphanumeric floor mat. The skin of children is relatively delicate, especially the skin of infants is only one-tenth as thick as that of adults, lacks elasticity, and is easily penetrated and damaged by foreign objects. Therefore, an alphanumeric floor mat is in direct contact with the baby; the material must be soft; an alphanumeric floor mat is soft and skin-friendly; it is a good choice.

Durable. The alphanumeric floor mat has a very long lifespan and can be used from the moment the baby is born; then, it can be used as the baby’s play area until elementary school and beyond. Especially for families considering two or three children, the alphanumeric floor mat use time is greatly extended.

As the age increases, the importance of the quality of the alphanumeric floor mat is also magnified. A good quality crawling mat can be used for ten years or more, saving a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Why Buy An Alphanumeric Floor Mat

Babies can start playing jigsaw puzzles after the age of 1. For 1-year-old babies, jigsaw puzzles will help them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and their cognition of basic shapes and simple things.

At the age of 2, puzzles can add some logic, which can help children establish the concepts of disassembly and combination, part and whole, sequence and order.

After the age of 3 and 3, the difficulty of the puzzles has been upgraded again, and the images are diverse, which can help children develop observation, patience, concentration, and resistance to frustration. At the same time, puzzles provide children with many problem-solving opportunities. He learned the process of jigsaw puzzles. There are many ways and strategies to solve the problem. In a chaotic state, sorting out the order will also give children a strong sense of self-confidence and achievement.


Suzhou Hengruida Home Floor Mat Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is one of the few professional manufacturers of alphanumeric floor mat globally. Suzhou Hengruida Home Floor Mat Co., Ltd. is comprehensive product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. It is a large-scale enterprise with a complete set of advanced production equipment: internal mixer, open mixer, tablet machine, foaming machine, slicer, cutting machine, glueing machine, sewing machine, etc. The company adopts a complete product testing and quality assurance system and brings together China’s first-class R&D and marketing teams.



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