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I believe everyone has seen the cartoon puzzle stitching mat,We will see this floor mat in many children’s entertainment places,The meaning of this kind of floor mat is to protect children,It is very light and soft, and it always gives people complete security and comfort.

Introduction Of Foam Floor Mat

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The foam floor mat is based on chemical technology and is foamed with the most advanced PE material in the world, the foam floor mat has the characteristics of softness, high toughness, and heat preservation lamp.

It is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and safest choice to replace the existing children’s floor mat products,the front is made of colored matt hemp surface lamination, the middle is made of Du Weiwei’s PE cotton, and the ground is made of PE cotton.

The PE material is very soft, light in weight has a certain degree of transparency, is harmless to the human body, and can be used as plastic wrap, plastic food bags, buckets, etc.

Are Foam Floor Mats Toxic

What do GB6675 and GB5296.5 of the inspection standard for foam plastic floor mats indicate? GB6675 refers to the “International Toy Safety Technical Specification,” and GB5296.5 refers to Part 5 of the “Consumer Instructions for Use.” Mechanical, physical properties, combustion properties, and migration of specific elements are required.

For example, whether the heavy metals and other substances in the paint meet the standard is based on this standard, and the latter requires the basic principles, content, and form of the use of toys.

These two international mandatory standards are generally used as general requirements,they are suitable for foam floor mat products such as cartoon puzzle stitching mat, denim stitching floor mat, cross texture stitching floor mat, etc,the price is also very affordable.

Why Buy a Cartoon Puzzle Stitching Mat

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The benefits of a safe and environmentally friendly floor mat for the baby are unquestionable. In learning to crawl, the crawling mat will make him braver.

Crawling, a good crawling mat has a strong grip function; it will not slide around, and the baby is very relieved to climb on it. No matter how good the floor is, it will not have the soft effect of the crawling pad,the baby’s knee is the most important protection object in the process of crawling,the soft crawling pad can protect the baby’s knee from injury.

Toddler, when the baby grows up, can stand, and learn to walk, the role of the crawling mat is more obvious. We have to prepare a safe area for the baby to practice walking. You must know that the baby is interested in walking, even if he keeps falling, he will still stand up and walk. At this time, the soft cartoon puzzle stitching mat will protect his head and hands , knees, etc.

Puzzle, there are many puzzle patterns on the cartoon puzzle stitching mat,these patterns can strengthen the baby’s visual ability and trigger the baby’s imagination.

Isolation, an area isolated from the crawling mat, is a space for babies to play. They can play with toys on the crawling mat and jump on the crawling mat with their friends.

In addition, in winter, the cartoon puzzle stitching mat can also cut off the air-conditioning on the floor so that babies who don’t like to wear shoes will not get cold on the soles of their feet. Babies over 2 years old are the age that likes to say no the most, and they don’t like wearing shoes the least!

Floor Mat Cleaning And Precautions

Floor mats are very common now, especially in homes with children,since they are for children to play with, it is easy to get dirty. Do you know how to clean foam floor mats?

How To Clean Foam Floor Mats

  • When the weather is good, take it out for sterilization in the sun, and place it indoors for a long time, if it encounters humid air, it is easy to mold.
  • Dry it immediately after washing to keep it dry.
  • If you accidentally touch the mimeograph, paint or soup, etc, you should clean it immediately to ensure it is clean and prevent odor.
  • As with daily care, shake off the dust on the mat.
  • Use a high-pressure water pipe for flushing, preferably with a water temperature below 40 ℃; you can use some neutral detergents appropriately. Do not use acid-alkaline detergents for cleaning because it will accelerate the aging of the floor mat.
  • When cleaning, use a high-pressure water pipe to rinse, preferably with a water temperature below 40 ℃, you can use some neutral detergents appropriately, do not use acid-alkaline detergents for cleaning because it will accelerate the aging of the floor mat when cleaning. It is necessary to ensure that the cleaning agent’s residue has been completely rinsed, and it should be dried in time after cleaning to sterilize.
  • If it is a juice stain, wash it repeatedly with 5% ammonia solution, and then wash it with a neutral detergent. However, ammonia water damages pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be used as little as possible. Generally, it can be cleaned with citric acid or soap, and alcohol can also be used.
  • If it is urine stains, new stains can be removed by scrubbing with warm water or 10% ammonia solution,old stains should be washed with detergent first and then washed with ammonia. Pure wool carpets should be cleaned with citric acid,All residues have been rinsed clean and should be dried in time after cleaning to sterilize.

Matters Needing Attention

  • Foam floor mats should be kept away from fire sources because it is flammable.
  • The foam floor mat should be purchased with a certain thickness; otherwise, the safety of the baby cannot be guaranteed.
  • Foam floor mats should be used in conjunction with wall mats.
  • The foam floor mat should be cleaned in time. Otherwise, it will easily breed bacteria and affect the baby’s health.
  • The above is some knowledge of the cartoon puzzle stitching mat introduced to you. After reading today’s introduction, do you know more about how to clean the floor mat? I hope it can help you.


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