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Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is currently very popular in the market. Why choose hrdmat’s Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat.you can rest assured to buy hrdmat’s Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat, which is environmentally friendly.

Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is currently very popular in the market. Why choose hrdmatTetris Mosaic Paly Mat? hrdmat’s Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is foamed with butane gas, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly and does not contain formamide harmful to the human body. Formamide is a compound that has been classified as toxic by the European Chemicals Agency and is often used in industries such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, and plastics processing. If Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat contains formamide, it will enter the human body through the respiratory tract and skin, causing irreversible damage to the human body. Formamide will also release ammonia gas in a high-temperature environment, harming people’s eyes and skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, you can rest assured to buy hrdmat’s Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat, which is environmentally friendly.

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Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat Buying Guide


1. Material:

Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat can be divided into EPE, XPE, EVA, and PVC according to the material
Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat, different materials have different characteristics:


(1) EPE Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat: Value for money

EPE is essentially polyethylene foam cotton, also known as “pearl cotton.” It has the advantages of being a non-toxic, tasteless, bright color, and not easy to fade, but it also has the disadvantages of the rough surface and insufficient elasticity. Nevertheless, the price is relatively low and cost-effective.


(2)XPE Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat: Safe and Durable

XPE is an environmentally friendly material. Compared with EPE, it has high density, good elasticity, high safety, and will not cause damage to the tender skin. In addition, the XPE crawling mat has good resilience, high tensile strength, and is more durable, but the price is relatively high.

It is based on low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main raw materials, adding a variety of chemical raw materials such as foaming agent AC. Compared with other foam materials, it has fine and uniform cells, strong and tough.

Heat insulation, good sound insulation, high corrosion resistance, good resilience, low water absorption, comfortable feel, and other excellent properties.


(3)EVA Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat: Diverse patterns

The biggest advantage of EVA crawling pads is that there are many patterns to choose from, but most of them are spliced ​​, and the price is relatively low.

It is a foam material made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which can protect children’s faces, knees and other possible injuries when crawling and learning to walk. The materials used are also special and harmless to children. EVA floor mats have good softness, warmth, and wear resistance. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and safe for children.


(4)PVC Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat: Non-toxic soft

PVC is also an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. Compared with other materials, it has the best softness, but the price is also the highest, almost several times that of XPE crawling mats. However, PVC crawling mats are heavier and are easily damaged after absorbing water.


The PVC material is made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, which is non-toxic, harmless, has no peculiar smell, no lingering odor, no breeding of bacteria, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The main function of PVC material is anti-slip, and the mat with good anti-slip performance can eliminate the carelessness in our life; the carpet of PVC anti-slip material is astringent in contact with water, and the anti-slip performance is outstanding.


The materials used are also special and harmless to children. EVA floor mats have good softness, warmth, and wear resistance. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and safe for children.


2. Brand

When buying crawling mats, it is best to choose products from big brands such as hrdmat’s because small brands may use inferior raw materials to save costs. In contrast, hrdmat’s products are more guaranteed in quality and can stand the test of quality.



Although the production process of Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is relatively simple, when purchasing, you can distinguish the pros and cons by checking the texture and smell on the surface of the Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat.

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Why buy later Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat?


Safe and easy-to-use Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is essential for your baby and is beneficial to your baby’s physical and mental development. Here are the top 5 benefits of using a crawling mat for your baby:


1. Promote brain development

Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat helps promote baby brain development. Babies often play on the Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat and are exposed to different patterns, and their curiosity and curiosity will also increase.


2. Improve coordination ability

Babies practice crawling more on the Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat, which can exercise the strength of the chest muscles, back muscles, and limb muscles and help to enhance their physical fitness. In addition, the number of movements of the hands and feet of the baby increases, the physical coordination ability will become better, and the bone development will be faster.

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3. Enhance parent-child communication

Mommy and baby play together on the Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat, which helps parent-child communication and allows the baby to learn more knowledge and gain a richer emotional experience under the guidance of Mommy.


4. Safety protection

Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is soft, the baby can climb on it, the skin and bones can be well protected, and the damage caused by the friction between the baby’s skin and the ground can be avoided to the greatest extent.


5. Avoid getting cold

The baby wears thin clothes in summer and often likes to sit or lie on the floor. It is easy to catch a cold. The Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat with a certain thickness affects insulating and keeping warm, making the baby less susceptible to the cold on the floor.


Advantages of Tetris Mosaic Paper Pads

Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat is geologically soft and elastic. Through further upgrading, the mat is thickened, reducing the impact force caused by children crawling, has a good anti-seismic effect, and protects the baby’s well knee. The dark pattern design on the surface of the floor mat can play a non-slip effect. Children who have just learned to walk and the chassis is unstable can prevent falling. Even if they fall accidentally, the thick and soft floor mat can reduce the impact on the body.


Children generally prefer to play on the ground, but the floor tiles are cooler. For smaller babies, it is easy to catch a cold after sitting for a long time, and the moisture on the ground is not conducive to the development of knee joints. This Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat can effectively isolate the water in the background, humidity, and heat in the air; you can safely let the baby crawl without worrying about catching a cold, warm in winter and cool in summer, can be used all year round, fully meet the needs of you and your family Use requirements, comfortable and beautiful.


Various colors can be selected, and colors can be matched at will. Children in the early stage are more sensitive to colors. Bright color matching can stimulate children’s interest in learning and promote intellectual development. Each piece is integrated with cutting, seamless splicing and can be combined at will so that no gaps can hide dirt and dirt, and children are not afraid of the dirty bacteria in the holes. It is beautiful, clean, neat, and generous.


So Durable. The Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat has a very long lifespan and can be used from the moment your baby is born, and then it can be used as a play area for your baby until elementary school and beyond. Especially for families with many babies at home, the use time of Tetris Mosaic Paly Mat has been greatly extended.

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30,000-50,000 square meters
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No. 36 Wangxian Road, Dongbang Town, Changshu, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Forty-Foot Container
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11-20 People
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US$5 Million – US$10 Million
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Water resistance: closed cell structure, no water absorption, good water resistance.
Corrosion resistance: resistance to seawater, grease, acid, alkali, and other chemicals.
Processability: No joints, and easy to process such as hot pressing, cutting, gluing, and bonding.
Anti-vibration: high resilience and anti-tension, high toughness, good shock-proof and cushioning properties.
Heat preservation: excellent heat insulation, heat preservation, and cold protection and low-temperature performance, and cold resistance.
Environmental protection: no peculiar smell, no pollution.

Believe me, I am really pollution-free. All the materials on my body are in compliance with environmental protection standards. I came to my person too quickly. I was completely sealed and packaged as soon as I left the factory. The residual smell is the normal smell of the floor mat. It’s like wood has the smell of wood, and apples have the smell of apples, dear, you just need to clean me a little and put it in a ventilated place and blow it.

NEEU floor mats are foam-molded at a high temperature and are not perfect crafts. Due to machine production, packaging, transportation, and other reasons, the front and back of the floor mats have somewhat small defects such as scratches and color differences. Large or small bubbles and burns on the back of the floor mat due to foaming are normal conditions, which are unavoidable by modern technology and do not affect normal use. If you are more concerned about this, please place your order carefully.

As a high-quality export China EVA mat manufacturer, we are based on the original intention of promoting the concept of environmental protection, using the quality standards of baby products to make a full range of products, and bringing the concept of green and environmentally friendly mats to customers.

Ingredients—mixing—open mixing—infusion—foaming—cutting—quality inspection—packaging

Factory direct sales reduce the links of middlemen, and at the same time, logistics and distribution are long-term stable partners, and transportation costs are reduced. Direct supply from the place of origin reduces transaction time, reduces storage costs and loss of goods, and you can buy more high-quality and inexpensive floor mats.

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