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More and more people pay attention to fitness, so that the sales of some sports equipment has also improved significantly, especially for yoga mats, not only can bounce, but also do yoga, practicality is very strong, so yoga mats have almost become a manual product, but yoga mats are good and bad, materials are also divided into many kinds, different materials, advantages are also different, here’s a discussion Let’s take a look at the material of PVC and how to choose PVC yoga mat manufacturers.

How to choose pvc yoga mat manufacturers

PVC yoga mat manufacturers operating years

Contemporary society is a society that survives elimination, when a product is of poor quality, it is easy to be eliminated by society, and good quality products are often highly sought after by people, so the longer the business period, represents the product quality is good, so when choosing pvc yoga mat manufacturers, you can first look at the growth history of the manufacturer behind it, from the qualifications and years of the manufacturer Let’s explain it. In this way, not only can you ensure that the quality of the products you wholesale is relatively good, but some old brands can also successfully increase their sales.

The manufacturer’s reputation

The manufacturer’s reputation represents people’s evaluation of it. The better the evaluation, the higher the recognition of people, so if you want to make sure that the PVC yoga mat manufacturers you choose are reliable, you need to know the manufacturer’s reputation. The reputation can be understood through market research or online search. Generally, as long as the sales volume of the product is relatively high, then prove this product’s The manufacturer also has a good reputation.

The manufacturer’s production process

A good production process can guarantee the quality of the product, and by understanding pvc yoga mat mattresses, you can clearly understand the manufacturer’s production process and equipment used, which can ensure the quality of the product. Generally speaking, yoga mats are made of three materials, high-density bionic coating, technological spinning, and rubber base, and the effects of each layer are compared Importantly, one is indispensable, and the quality of the production process is directly related to the durability and non-slip properties of the yoga mat.

Advantages of pvc material

nbr yoga mat (7)

Good resilience

When using a yoga mat for fitness, we often need to do aerobic exercise. In this case, we need to do a lot of movement on the yoga mat, and the resilience of the yoga mat can better control the weight of our landing, and play a rebound effect, which can avoid too much damage to our footsteps. If the resilience of the yoga mat is not good, it will cause damage to the joint area under heavy exercise for a long time, so good resilience is the main advantage of PVC yoga mats.

Good grip

The grip effect of the yoga mat is good or bad, during exercise, the impact is relatively large, and the PVC yoga mat, the bottom layer uses a rubber base, the grip effect is quite good, it can be said that there will be basically no slippage, so that every user can use it with peace of mind, when doing some large-scale use, there is no need to worry about the chaos of the yoga mat affecting their safety.


PVC foam yoga mat has a wide range of applicability. Due to the simple process and low cost, the price sold is also relatively low. If you buy it directly through pvc yoga mat manufacturers, the price will be more cost-effective, in addition, the PVC material also has more colors, which can almost meet the needs of most people for yoga mats, and is very popular on the market People love it,

Learn how to buy yoga mats in many ways


You need to know that there are many yoga mat materials on the market at present, and if the material is bad, the environmental protection is also relatively low, so when choosing, be sure to pay attention to the choice of material, choose some environmentally friendly materials, so that you can be more at ease when using it, and safe and non-toxic is also better for your body.


In fact, when buying a yoga mat, don’t just look at the thickness of the yoga mat. Currently, there are many low-priced miscellaneous yoga mats on the market, although very soft and high in thickness, but after a period of use, you will find that the surface has collapsed, or poor grip, and is easy to slip, so when choosing, it depends not only on the pvc yoga mat However, also understand the durability of yoga mats.

pvc yoga mat manufacturers product quality

Although it is the same PVC material, but PVC material is also good or bad, if the material is relatively cheap, the overall yoga mat will be soft, the smell will be serious, and when the material is better, can we guarantee that the yoga mat has anti-function, so when buying, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the product, ensure that the product you buy is a qualified product, so that the recycled use will not have quality problems .

Since there are many PVC yoga mat manufacturers in the market, you must be careful when choosing. You need to pay attention to everything from the manufacturer’s business hours to the quality of the products. Through all-round and reasonable comparison, choose a reliable manufacturer, so that the products you buy can make people feel more at ease and help you exercise more safely.





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