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Non-slip mats in homes and commercial hotels, and other environments have been ubiquitous. Its kind of material is also very much. There are rubber PVC materials, different types of applications to different places. But if it is not well cleaned and maintained, it is easy to get dirty, broken and even strange smell.


1.How To Maintain a Non-Slip Mat


First of all, when the weather is good to take out the sun sterilization, long-term placement indoors, if you encounter moist air, it is easy to mold.

Second, Kitchen Non Slip Mat is dried immediately after washing to keep it dry. If you accidentally stain minerals, pigments or soup, etc., wash immediately to ensure cleanliness and prevent odor.

Bathroom mat cleaning and daily care, need to shake off the dust on the mat often, use high-pressure water pipe rinse. The best water temperature below 40 ℃rinses, you can adequately use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-alkaline detergent cleaning because it will accelerate the aging of mats.

When cleaning to ensure that the residue of the detergent has been all rinsed, after washing to dry in time, you can sterilize.


Kitchen Non Slip Mat


2.How To Go To The Smell Of Non-Slip Mat


  1. activated carbon environmental protection, natural, with it to remove the smell of rubber mat is the safest and reliable method.
  2. vinegar has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. You can drop the appropriate vinegar on the elastic rubber mat to achieve the purpose of eliminating odor.
  3. in the odor, you can consider baking soda, water, and baking soda in a ratio of 1:2 into a paste on the mat after using a vacuum cleaner to clean up.


3.Good Bathtub Mat


1, from the material: high-quality material, natural environmental protection.

Material selection can be all-natural rubber and PVC plastic but must ensure that 100% non-toxic, tasteless, green raw materials are manufactured by high-tech technology.

There are also some bathroom mats on the market. However, the materials are made of waste garbage plastic dissolved, not only is the taste thick, but the material is fragile and will be very harmful to health.


2, from the function: strong suction non-slip waterproof.

The best lower part of the anti-slip mat has an evenly distributed suction cup, which can strongly adsorb on the smooth ground, play a natural anti-slip effect.

The smooth floor of the bathroom is your easy-to overlook safety killer, once there is steam, water droplets, or air return, accidentally slipping, jeopardizing your safety.


3, from the appearance: stylish appearance, and non-toxic and tasteless.

Crystal translucent, a variety of colors, so no matter what style your bathroom is, can be well-matched, increasing the interior’s beauty and artistry.


4, value-added design: health massage

The non-slip pad can choose those surface concave and convex patterns, with the effect of massaging the soles of the feet, foot walks on the sole to promote blood system circulation, reduce fatigue, good for physical health.


5, from the point of view of health: antibacterial antifouling, mildew, and moisture.

Whether it is plant fiber or artificial fiber, it can not be moisture-proof and mildew. Anti-slip mat once wet, it is easy to hide dirt, affect your life health and quality.


6, from a practical point of view: whether it is easy to clean, able to quickly drain.

Maintenance and cleaning after the dirt are essential, so easy to clean the choice of bathroom mat and bathtub mat to consider and whether the rapid drainage let us stand dry and comfortable.


7, substantial flexibility: bath products are soft material, soft and comfortable to touch, very comfortable to step on.

This is the element of product experience.


4.Material Of The Non-Slip Mat


  • Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to produce static electricity, fire will be partially dissolved.
  • Polyester: wear resistance is second only to nylon, heat resistance, light resistance.
  • Polypropylene: lightweight, good elasticity, high strength; rich raw materials, good wear resistance, low price.
  • Acrylic: soft, warm, good elasticity; smooth texture, pale color, not easy to lose hair, anti-slip design on the back; but water absorption is not robust and poor wear resistance.
  • Pure cotton: cotton material, good water absorption; material plasticity, can do different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can be used with non-slip mats.
  • Microfiber: water absorption is 1.5-2 times that of pure cotton, fiber fineness is 1/10 of cotton; feel softer than pure cotton, fiber density is very small, not easy to attach dirt, maintenance and cleaning more convenient.
  • Coconut fiber: recycled from natural coconut fiber; environmentally friendly and durable, natural color plus color printing; can effectively scrape off soles of sediment, dirt and easy to clean.
  • Rubber flocking: good drainage, light resistance, and challenging, durable, beautiful, long service life; both with anti-slip function, can also effectively help scrape the sole sediment, cleaning is very convenient.


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