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1 What Is a Non-Slip Mat


What is a non-slip mat? In short, a non-slip mat is a mat that prevents people from slipping. Depending on the occasion of use, there are generally the following types of anti-slip mats.


Car non-slip mat


It has the function of non-slip and keeps the car clean.


Bathroom mat


Bathroom floor stained with water or just after bathing often will slip, the non-slip mat can effectively prevent people from falling, especially pregnant women and children, bathroom need to place non-slip mats.


Non-Slip Shower Mat -resilient


Yoga mat


Yoga has become a health activity of modern people. In the exercise process, having a unique Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat can effectively avoid the slipping phenomenon during exercise.

In addition to these, there are car anti-skid mat, hotel mat, stair mat, carpet mat, toolbox anti-slip mat, etc.

Most anti-skid pads are made of polymer materials with strong adsorption capacity, which can effectively play the role of anti-skid.

In the process of using the bath mat, you need to pay attention to the following problems:

  1.  the front of the bathroom mat should be made of high-quality fluff material, the reverse side of the choice of non-slip material, and should be wear-resistant, sun-resistant, tough.
  2. the bathroom is slippery, it is easy to breed bacteria, so to clean often, it is best to prepare two non-slip mats for use. After cleaning, the mat can be in the sun for a period to sterilize.


Yoga Mat



2 What Are The Materials Of Non-Slip Mats?


  1. nylon is wear-resistant and easy to clean. Still, it is easy to deform, especially in a dry environment prone to static electricity, when the fire will occur local dissolution phenomenon.
  2. polyester wear resistance is second only to nylon. However, in the non-slip mat material ranked second, heat and sun resistance is more suitable.
  3. polypropylene light texture, elasticity and strength are relatively high, the production of the anti-slip mat then cost-effective.
  4. Acrylic is also a common material for making non-slip mats. Its texture is relatively soft; people will be more comfortable stepping. The back is a non-slip design, is an ideal non-slip mat material. But the ointment is that it is less absorbent, less wear-resistant and less durable than other materials.
  5. cotton non-slip pad is very absorbent, and plasticity is strong, can produce a variety of different three-dimensional effects, aesthetics can be called the first. In addition, cotton cleaning is more convenient, can be used together with non-slip mats.

3 Bath Mat Price


Bathroom mat price according to its material, style, there is a significant price difference, generally the following price range.

  1. ordinary nylon, polyester materials in a few yuan to more than ten yuan price range.
  2. non-slip mat carpet generally in about twenty yuan.
  3. The price of an anti-skid mat with a health care function is about forty or fifty yuan.
  4. children’s environmental protection materials bathroom non-slip mat is about 670 yuan.


Non-Slip Shower Mat-detail




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