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A non-slip mat is a hidden object, but the role cannot be small. In general, it is best to place a non-slip mat on the doorstep, outside the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. Not only dustproof, cleaning, critical moments can also prevent accidents.


Doorways: Dustproof


Go back, soles contaminated with countless bacteria, the door put a non-slip mat, can play the role of decontamination, sand scraping, to prevent dust from entering the indoor pollution.

It is best to choose a wire ring or z-shaped non-slip mat, shoes in the above rub. It is easy to scrape dust and dirt. In addition, its material is very ash absorption.


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Bathroom: Non-slip


After taking a shower out of the bathroom, the water at the bottom of the slippers will inevitably wet the ground of other rooms. As a result, it is easy to slip.

The bathroom door layer non-slip mat can play the role of absorbing water. To prevent accidents to the maximum extent, families with children and the elderly should pay particular attention.

Non-slip mat made of cotton or microfiber, absorbent, suitable for outside the bathroom.

If there is a glass shower in the bathroom, it is recommended to put a layer of non-slip mat inside to play a non-slip role.

Shower non-slip mat material is recommended to pick plastic, plastic non-slip mat bottom non-slip mat non-slip, wear resistance, water resistance is better, easy to dry, and do not touch the water.


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Kitchen: Anti-pollution


Water, oil, vegetable soup, and other food waste will inevitably splash on the ground when cooking. To prevent pollution caused by bringing it into different rooms, it is necessary to put a non-slip mat on the floor under the kitchen table.

Kitchen Non Slip Mat is recommended to choose cotton. Its water absorption, the oil absorption is good, and is a natural material, in the kitchen use safer. In addition, more oil in the kitchen is accessible to the dirty environment. Non-slip mat best choose a dark color, relatively more resistant to dirt.


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Bedroom: Anti-cold


Many people like to put layers of non-slip mat on both sides of the bed, beautiful but also very practical, get up at night barefoot and not cold. Bedroom non-slip mat recommended choosing suede. Its material is softer, has bare feet to step on to comfortable and warm, and not easy to produce static electricity.

It is worth noting that the non-slip mat must be cleaned frequently. It is recommended to clean once a month, especially the non-slip doormat. Otherwise, it will become a source of indoor air pollution.

You can find an empty environment, the first non-slip mat dust shake out, shaking as far as possible to wear a mask;

Then put it under the tap, pour the right amount of detergent or disinfectant to rinse. The gap part can be treated with a brush;

After washing the non-slip mat placed in a dry, ventilated place to hang to dry thoroughly and then put it back in place.




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